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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 643

"As I've said, I'll take full responsibility for it. Mr. Adam can't do anything to me," Evelyn said. "Fine. You'll be in charge of it. I dare not confront Mr. Adam. His emotions are unpredictable," Alana said. "Rest assured. Adam and I are about to get married. I'm sure he'll go along with me," Evenly said. "Is that so?" Alana replied. She felt that Evelyn was just a pawn to Adam. He would discard those that had served their purpose. Abel returned to the Precipice but Emmeline was nowhere to be seen. As he was about to phone her, a silver Bugatti drove into the front yard. Emmeline stepped out of the car feeling upset. Abel knew that she still had not made any progress in locating Janie. Abel approached her and brought her into a tight embrace. "You've been searching for her nonstop for the past four days. You've lost some weight," he said. "There's no sign of Janie anywhere. I'm worried about her," Emmeline replied with teary eyes

"That won't do. Be a good girl and go change your clothes. I'll make you some soup," Abel replied as he caressed her shoulders

. Emmeline nodded in response. Abel carried her to their room and placed her on the bed. After he left, Emmeline's phone rang. She reached for her phone and realized that it was Eric. She swiftly answered the call. "Ms. Louise, Mr. Benjamin is surrounded, please come and help him," Eric said. "He's surrounded? Who are they?" Emmeline replied. "It's a group of women. All of them claimed that they are Janie. We can't scold or beat them. The security guards are helpless. That's why I'm calling you," Eric said. "Alright. I'm coming over right now," Emmeline said as she rushed down the stairs. "What's the matter?" Abel asked as he walked out of the kitchen with his apron on. "Ben is in trouble. I have to go help him," Emmeline replied. "Benjamin? What happened to him?" Abel questioned