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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 644

"Ben is surrounded by a group of women. It must have been the result of that public announcement," Emmeline said. Abel was lost but he took off his apron regardless. "I'm coming with you," he insisted. "Sounds good. I thought you were jealous for a second," Emmeline said. "That depends. You know I'm not that type of person anyway," Abel replied as he reached for his blazer on the sofa. He proceeded to grab the car keys and held Emmeline's hand as they left the house. They arrived at Adelmar after half an hour and took the elevator to the 88th floor. As the elevator doors opened, they saw a group of bodyguards in front of the CEO's office. They were pacing around with batons in their hands. Eric approached Abel and Emmeline hurriedly and greeted them. "What's the situation?" Emmeline asked as she pointed at the door. "About a dozen women are claiming to be Janie. Based on their accents it seems that they are from other countries. They said that they are the ones that Mr. Benjamin had been searching for," Eric explained. "What a joke. They must have lost their minds

"Help! We're being attacked!" one of the women yelled. "Mr. Benjamin, please save me! I'm Janie, the woman that you're searching for!" the other uttered

. "Shut up or else I'll stuff this in your mouths!" Emmeline uttered as she reached for a rag. The two women remained silent as they did not want a wet rag in their mouths. "Are you here for Mr. Benjamin as well? How could you do this to us?" one of the women questioned. "I told you to shut up!" Emmeline yelled. She turned to Joey and uttered, "Joey, go ask the janitors to escort them out of here!" Joey hurriedly did as she said. "Emma, you've struck them in their meridian points. Will they be fine?" Abel whispered. "They'll be fine after half an hour," Emmeline replied. "Anyway, I'm going in!" Emmeline uttered as she reached for the doorknob. However, it was locked from the inside. "Seems like the women's doing. You can unlock it with your fingerprint," Eric said. Emmeline placed her fingertip on the screen and the door unlocked. She opened the door and rushed in