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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 646

"Mr. Abel?" one of the women asked. "Wow! It really is Mr. Abel!" another woman exclaimed. They began to swarm him. Abel was taken aback and tried to make a break for it. The women began to chase after him. "Mr. Abel, don't run! You're my dream lover!" "Mr. Abel, please give me a chance!" "Mr. Abel, wait for me! Do you think I'm pretty?" Abel made it to the elevators but it was clear that he would not make it if he waited there. The women were right behind him. He dashed towards the staircase and the women followed suit. They took off their high heels to catch up to him. Abel rushed down twenty floors while the women stopped halfway to catch their breaths. Abel took the opportunity and went back to the 88th floor using the elevator. As Emmeline and Benjamin were chatting in the CEO's office, Abel opened the door drenched in sweat. "Ms

"Not only that. You must love her with all your heart," Emmeline added. Benjamin wanted to tell Emmeline that it was not easy to love someone

. However, he decided to keep those words to himself. "Let's have a meal. It's on me. You've resolved the issue here after all," Benjamin said. "Sure. Hopefully, it can cheer you up," Abel replied. "Where are we going?" Emmeline asked. "How about some barbeque? It should be relaxing," Benjamin said. "I agree. Let's go," Abel said. They arrived at a balcony barbeque restaurant. Abel and Benjamin were in charge of cooking while Emmeline was in charge of eating. As she ate, tears began to course down her cheeks. The two men were dazed and asked, "Emma, what's wrong?"