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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 647

"Why did you cry suddenly?" Abel asked as he wiped Emmeline's tears. "Is the meat charred and tastes bad?" Benjamin questioned. Emmeline shook her head and said, "That's not it. " Both men were confused. "I just think that it's unfair for Janie. She's missing yet I'm enjoying the barbeque here. I feel bad," Emmeline explained with teary eyes. "It's not your fault. No one wanted this to happen," Abel said. "It's my fault. I've neglected her," Benjamin said. "This isn't your fault either. The two of you were never that close anyway," Abel said. "Ben, are you feeling forced to love Janie?" Emmeline asked. "It's not about love right now. I got her pregnant so I must take responsibility. There's no way out of that," Benjamin replied. "Why are you so silly? If you don't love her then don't touch her," Emmeline said. "We were drunk that day and everything just happened. I told her that I would marry her

You've violated her in the past and made her give birth to four children. Five years after that, both of you met each other again and fell in love! If this never happened, she would have been scarred for life. Although I'm in love with Emma and we could get married, it would not heal her wounds

. Abel, you have to take good care of Emma, or else I won't spare you!" Benjamin said. Abel nodded and replied, "I will. Now that you've gotten that out of your mind, it's time for you to move on. Find Janie and love her. " As Benjamin nodded in response, his phone rang. It was from Eric. He was on the ground floor with the other bodyguards. Benjamin picked up the phone and asked, "What's up, Eric?" Eric swiftly replied, "Mr. Benjamin, we've found traces of Ms. Janie. She was seen at a hotel in Falmouth. " Benjamin grabbed his blazer and left without hesitation. "Benjamin, we're coming with you. Perhaps Emma can convince Janie to come with us," Abel said. Benjamin nodded and they made their way to Falmouth. After arriving at their destination at night, the staff led them to the room. Benjamin opened the door