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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 648

However, there was no one in the room. "Where is she? The woman named Janie. Where did she go?" Benjamin questioned the staff. "She was here a few minutes ago. I saw her enter the room," the staff replied. "Then she hasn't gone far. Eric, cooperate with the security guards and search the vicinity," Benjamin insisted. Eric proceeded with his order. "Did Janie see us coming?" Emmeline asked as she looked out the window. The parking lot was visible. Abel walked over and said, "She must have seen our car. We were being careless. " "She has to be here somewhere. She's just hiding," Benjamin said as he rushed out of the room. He began to search every room. They were either empty or occupied by others. Janie had disguised herself as a janitor and entered the elevator. The elevator had descended when Emmeline realized something was off. "Janie is in the elevator!" she uttered. Abel and Benjamin rushed towards the elevator and realized that it had descended to the basement

Benjamin, there are two men here claiming to be Ms. Eastwood's cousins. They demand to see her!" Joey said

. "Janie's cousins? What do they want from her?" Benjamin questioned. "They said that since Janie went missing at Adelmar, we either have to let them see her or pay up!" Joey replied. "Nonsense! I'll be there soon," Benjamin said. "Didn't Janie's uncle mention that she never returned to her hometown ever since she went to college? Why are her cousins here?" Emmeline asked. "It's obvious that they've seen the announcement. They're trying to take advantage of the situation," Abel said. "That's what I thought. These people disgust me," Benjamin said as he frowned. "In that case, I'll go with you and kick them out together!" Emmeline uttered. "Calm down. Let's observe the situation," Abel said. Once they reached Adelmar, they took the elevator to the 88th floor. There was a crowd in front of the CEO's office. "Is Mr. Benjamin back yet? Let me see him!" "What happened to my cousin? Why did she go missing" "That's right! Let us see her or pay up! The Eastwood family won't let you off the hook that easily!" "Benjamin, get out here and face me!" Benjamin approached them and said, "I'm here. You're all Janie's relatives?"