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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 649

"That's right. I'm Janie's cousin," a man said as he stepped out of the crowd. "I want to see her. Dead or alive. If you can't do that, pay up," the man continued. "How much do you want?" Benjamin sneered. "How much? At least a million dollars," the man answered. "That won't do! It should be at least two million dollars," the other man said. Two million dollars it is. One million isn't enough to split between us," the man's wife said. "That's enough. I'm done talking with you all. Take two million dollars and get out of my sight!" Benjamin uttered. "We should have asked for three million instead!" the other man said. "Are you all obsessed with blackmailing? This is no place for such atrocious behavior!" Emmeline uttered. "Who are you? Did Benjamin cheat with you and made Janie upset?" the man said

"Joey, go fetch two million dollars in cash right now," Benjamin insisted. "Yes, sir," Joey replied and proceeded to phone the finance department. After ten minutes, the staff delivered two bags full of cash

. "Pour it out and show them," Benjamin said. The staff poured the cash into a big pile. The men were flabbergasted as they had never seen this much money. "Take it and get out. If I ever see you again, I'm suing you for racketeering and sending you all to jail!" Benjamin uttered. "We won't come back again. As for Janie, we promise not to question her whereabouts anymore!" the man said. "Now, scram," Benjamin said. The men and women hurriedly filled the bag with cash and left through the elevator. Once they left, applause came from behind. It was Flynn and Evelyn