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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 652

Chapter 652 A Trap "It's already eleven o'clock. Seems like I exhausted you last night," Abel said. "It's your fault. We did it four times, you know," Emmeline said as she blushed. "I haven't had enough. If I didn't care about you, I could've done it until morning…" Abel said by her ear. "Do you still want me to get out of bed? I still have important matters to attend to today," Emmeline said. "Important matters? What's up?" Abel asked. Emmeline recalled Janie's words and said, "I just want to get some clothes for our honeymoon. " "Want me to accompany you?" Abel asked joyfully. Emmeline was about to become his bride. Although their kids were already four years old, he was still looking forward to their wedding. "There's no need for that. It would be boring for a man like you," Emmeline replied. "Alright. Be sure to call me if you're in trouble," Abel said. He kissed Emmeline on the lips. "I will," Emmeline said as she nodded. "Well, it's time to get out of bed. I made breakfast for you," Abel said. "Thanks, Hubby. You're the best!" Emmeline said as she kissed him. Abel pulled the blanket away and crouched down to help her put on her slippers

" "Fine. I'll be driving there. Let me know soon

. " "No problem. Don't tell Abel or Benjamin about this. I just want to meet you. " "You got it. " Emmeline got out of bed and changed into white sportswear. Kendra was out for groceries so Emmeline did not inform her. She drove her silver Bugatti towards Falmouth. The trip would take up to five hours. She planned to tell Abel about it when she returned. If Emmeline returned home late, she would receive another punishment from Abel. She could not bear it as he was too good at it. Her legs were still feeling weak as she was driving. She left Struyria and drove on the highways. After two hours, Falmouth was at the next exit. Suddenly, a black car drove into the lane from the side. Emmeline nearly collided with the car. She maneuvered to the other lane and prepared to overtake the car. However, the car switched lanes and blocked her path