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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Impostor Janie By the time Abel reached Falmouth, Emmeline had already been whisked off to the hospital by emergency services. The group headed directly to her ward. "She's quite the skilled driver to have been able to survive in that situation without causing an accident with other vehicles on the road!" The rescuers said to Abel. A skilled driver? Emma's a professional racer! "How is my wife?" "Nothing major. She has bruises on her forehead and a mild concussion. " "Thank you. " Abel didn't bother to continue the conversation. He was more worried about Emmeline. As for the car accident, he had Luca handle the details. He gently pushed open the door to the ward and walked in with light steps. It was an ordinary ward with a small but neat space. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); Emmeline was still asleep in bed with her face pale from blood loss. His vision blurred as he felt a burning sensation in his eyes. "Why aren't you more careful with yourself, silly girl?" "Why did you come to Falmouth?" "Is it because of Janie Eastwood?" "Why don't you tell me anything, Emma? I could've been by your side. Look at you now…" He choked back his sobs as he hung his head. He kept blaming himself for not being able to protect the person most precious to him. "Hey. " A gentle voice rang out from the bed. "Are you actually crying? I'm still alive, you know?!" He looked up with eyes filled with tears to see Emmeline smiling at him. "Emma. " He took her hand. "You're finally awake

"The two cars were clearly targeting me. Their drivers were driving like professional racers. " "The emergency services told me about it," he said

. "If not for your driving skills, you may have caused a major accident. " "I got out of the way of other cars and drove up the divider to force a stop. It's a good thing that I was prepared and handled it as best as I could. I only suffered minor injuries. Don't worry about me. " "It's a blessing. " Abel held her hand. "I'll find out who the two people who were targeting you are and who exactly they're working for. " "Okay. " She nodded. "You need to tell Benjamin that Janie is still in Falmouth. We might still be able to find her!" "I don't think it's as simple as that. The Janie you're speaking with may be an imposter trying to draw you out. " ". " That rendered her speechless. "Why didn't I think of that?" "You trust Janie and were anxious to see her. Would it be any wonder that you walked right into a trap?" "Now that you're saying this, it can't be a coincidence. " "Yes. I'll have Luca look into the two vehicles. "