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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Birds Of A Feather Despite Emmeline's doubts, she wanted to see Janie regardless of whether or not the arrangement was fake. Once Abel left the room, she reached for her phone and dialed the number that had sent her the text. The call was immediately rejected. A text came in right after. "Are you already in Falmouth, Em?" She replied, "I got into an accident. At the hospital. Can't meet up right now. " "Are you okay?" "A few scratches here and there. I'm fine. " "Rest well. I'll contact you again some other time. " Emmeline frowned. She felt strongly that the one texting her was not Janie! Janie would've asked her which hospital she was at and scrambled over. Whoever was texting her was indifferent and sounded not at all nervous or concerned. Emmeline was still in a daze when Abel returned. He took her hand. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); "Luca cooperated with traffic law enforcement to investigate the two vehicles that are under suspicion. " She nodded in agreement. "I also need the number you were in contact with. Luca will handle the rest

"Just how much is that woman capable of?! I don't understand her!" "We have to be more cautious when the opportunity strikes again. She's not an easy target," Alana said. "What a waste of all that money

. " There was a murderous look in Evelyn's eyes. "What should we do next, Alana? It goes without saying Abel is going to look into this!" "I need the two drivers to disappear. If Abel gets his hands on them, we're done!" "We're lucky the car plates are fake but how do we get them out of the picture?" Evelyn pondered. "I'm willing to shell out the money but I won't stoop to murder. " "Did you forget that I'm an assassin trained by Adam Ryker?" Alana looked amused. "Killing Abel is something I can't do but the two racers are small fries. " Evelyn sucked in a breath and staggered back. "What? Scared?" Alana smiled coldly. "I was raised a dignified lady too but here I am forced into the life of an assassin no thanks to Emmeline. " "She's our common enemy. " Evelyn scoffed. "Just because she got away this time doesn't mean she'll be so lucky the next time!" "I'll go deal with the racers then. " Alana turned to leave. Back at the Falmouth Hospital, Abel broke into a smirk. Whoever was behind the number had rejected his call. He discovered that the phone had been switched off when he tried to call again. "Emma, this isn't Janie. " "Why are you so certain?" Emmeline frowned