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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Where Is Janie? "Even if Janie refuses to see Benjamin, she would never refuse to answer my calls. She would still talk to me. " "You called the number?" "Yes. " Abel nodded. "They hung up and then switched off the phone. My guess is that they've also gotten rid of the SIM card. " "You're right," Emmeline said. "I tried to call her but she hung up on me. Janie wouldn't do that. " "But who else could've known that Janie is here in Falmouth and tricked you here?" ". " She shook her head. "There shouldn't be anyone who knows about it besides those who work with us. " "Think harder. " He caressed her hand. "By the way. " Emmeline had a sudden thought. "I've mentioned it to Evelyn in passing. " "Evelyn Murphy?" He frowned. "She shouldn't be able to do anything of the sort. " "I can't think of any other person. " She pouted. "Unless Evelyn has someone by her side. Do you think it could be Adam?" "Adam?" She shook her head. "He wouldn't be so stupid as to stand up for her with their current status with one another. " "This isn't going to end. It doesn't matter if it's Evelyn or Adam. I'll get to the bottom of it!" (adsbygoogle=window

If Sam hadn't called Luca, none of them would've known that Emmeline was caught in an accident. "But you can't blame Janie for this," she muttered. "It was the bad guys this time

. Nothing to do with Janie. " "Bad guys? Who?" "I suspect Evelyn. " Abel cutin. "But does that woman have the resources to pull off something like this? Could she have bought off some racers to cause an accident on the highway?" "That woman does have a motive," Benjamin said. "But what she can achieve by herself is limited. This isn't Altney where everything is at her beck and call. " "That's what I was thinking as well. I was wondering if someone else was working with her. " "Who do you think it could be then?" Benjamin was frowning. "They won't be getting off easy. " "This is just a suspicion. But the one who could've bought off the racers… It could be Adam. " "Adam? I'm going to him right now!" "Calm down," Abel said. "Leave this to me. This is just a suspicion. Dealing with Adam would be simple for me. " "Okay then. How long will Emma be here for?" "Emma is a little concussed. She'll be hooked up to an IV for another three days. " "I'll wait then. I'd rather die than see her hurt again. " "Ahem. " Abel cleared his throat again