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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 658

Chapter 658 The Approaching Wedding ". " This was a problem Luca hadn't considered. He scratched his head. "What now, Mr. Abel?" "Forget it. You're not the one at fault. " Abel went back inside. This was a general ward. Space wasn't particularly ample. With Daisy and Sam crowding around the bed, Benjamin had been squeezed into a corner. Abel had no other choice but to take a corner in the room. Both men stared blankly. That was when Abel's phone began to ring. It was a call from the Levan Mansion. He immediately picked up the call. His parents might have found out about the incident too. Rosaline's voice sounded desperate. "How is Emma, Abel? Is she doing alright?" "She has minor injuries. Nothing big. She'll be fine after a few days. Don't worry. " "Why wouldn't I be worried? Your wedding with Emmeline is approaching. We can't afford a slip-up. " (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({});"It's okay. Emma will be fine in a few days. This won't affect the wedding. " "Good. "Rosaline sighed in relief. "Should I drop by to see her?" He turned to look at the three other people in the room. "We have a few visitors here right now. It's okay if you don't drop by. " "Alright then

Don't put off your marriage with Abel. " "He's right," Sam said. "I'm looking forward to it too

. " "The children will be happy once the two of you are married," Daisy said. "They always ask me about when you'd be marrying. They're eager to be your best men and bridesmaids. " Emmeline couldn't help but smile when she thought about Endymion and Hesperus dressing up as her bridesmaids. "Let's hurry and find her then. I don't want to have any regrets at my wedding. " "I promise to find her. " Benjamin held her hand. "I'll have more people on the lookout so you can rest easy. " "Yeah. " She nodded with tears in her eyes. Janie was now pregnant with no family by her side. How lonely did she feel? Just thinking about it filled Emmeline with sorrow. Everyone returned to Struyria three days later once she recovered from her concussion. She was warded into the Ryker Hospital to be put under observation. The hospital had already prepared the best scar removal ointments for her to make sure there would be no permanent scarring. Rosaline and Lewis hurried over. It was only after seeing that Emmeline was fine that they relaxed. "You should be more careful, Emma. " Rosalind took Emmeline's hand. "You're a mother of four. Consider your children before you do anything. " Emmeline didn't want to divulge what had truly happened and simply nodded with a smile. "I know. I'll be more careful. I'm sorry to have worried you. " "You're a woman. " Rosaline frowned. "You should be notifying Abel when you need to go somewhere. He's there for a reason. "