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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Men Should Be Used Emmeline smiled and shot Abel a look. "Of course, I'll have Abel accompany me next time when I need to go somewhere. " "That isn't so hard now, is it?" Rosaline patted her hand. "Men are meant to be used. They are the ones who should protect women. Don't spoil them and convince them otherwise!" Emmeline shot Abel, who had lost color in his face, another glance. She grinned. "Come, I made you some herb broccoli and pea soup," Rosaline said. "I'll have Daisy make sure she gives it to you. " "Thank you. " Emmeline felt tears well up in her eyes. "You're so good to me. " "How else would I treat you? You're my grandsons' mother, my son's wife. We're a family. Who else would I play nice with if not you. " Emmeline smiled sweetly as she nodded. Once Rosaline and Lewis left, Daisy served her the soup. Both Abel and Benjamin left behind three of their men before taking their leave as well. Abel returned to the Ryker Group. He immediately had his secretary look into Evelyn's number once he got back into his office. He then made a call from his phone. Abel's call frightened Evelyn. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); She was currently in Flynn's home. The Murphy family also had real estate businesses in Struyria. Flynn had several estates under his name. Why was Abel suddenly giving her a call? Her heart thudded in her chest. She would've been happy to see his number if she hadn't plotted against Emmeline. Having him call her now put her in a state of fear

She was now an elegant woman, dignified and magnanimous. She finished with a thin layer of lipstick. She then drove as quickly as she could to the Ryker Group

. Abel checked the time when she finally arrived at his office on the eighty-ninth floor. "Mr. Abel. " Evelyn smiled sweetly. "I hope I'm not late. " "You're fine. " Abel was indifferent. "Take a seat, Ms. Evelyn. " "What did you want to talk about, Mr. Abel?" She gracefully took a seat. "Falmouth. " He narrowed his eyes and got straight to the point. There was a slight shift in her expression. "Falmouth? The Murphy family doesn't own any businesses there. " "Really?" His eyes were cold. "I'm going to need to think about it. Has there been any new projects in Falmouth recently?" Evelyn looked uncertain. Her face gradually lost its color. It was fortunate that she wore thick makeup on her face but the panic flitting through her eyes did not go unnoticed. Is it really her? "Why do you ask, Mr. Abel?" "Why do you think, Ms. Evelyn?" "Why would I know? I don't have your experience, Mr. Abel. " A dangerous look flashed in his eyes. "I assume you know about Emma getting into a car accident in Falmouth, Ms. Evelyn?"