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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Abel’s Warning Part 2 ". " Adam was confused. Why would Abel ask him out for a drink for no reason? What farce was this? Have I messed with Abel at all recently? His train of thought gave him some confidence. "Sure, where to?" "How about the Imperial Palace?" Abel smiled coldly. "Imperial Palace?" It's my turf. I'd have the advantage there. Adam immediately answered, "The Imperial Palace it is. It's a fun place. " "Okay. " Abel nodded. "I'll see you at Section A in half an hour. " "Let's go to Section C instead. " Adam smiled wryly. "I'll get you some girls. " (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); "I'm not interested," Abel said coldly. "Section A will do. " He hung up before Adam could respond. He then called up the internal line. "You're coming with me to the Imperial Palace, Luca. " "Yes, sir. " Luca notified the bodyguards. It took three seconds to assemble everyone. Adam was currently at the Imperial Palace. He had cleaned up, got dressed in a white suit, and left for Section A with a few bodyguards in tow

"She got into a car accident. " "She was in a car accident?" That took Adam aback. "How is she? Is she hurt? Was she badly injured?" Abel narrowed his eyes

. Adam's reaction seemed genuine. He was sincere in his worry. "Thank the lucky stars that she's a professional racer. She got out with only a few scraps. But there are a few things strange with the incident. " "Just tell me. " Adam's expression was sullen. "What's going on?" "Emma was lured to Falmouth through a burner phone number. She got herself flanked by two vehicles on the expressway which caused the accident. Those two cars were well-prepared in advance. As far as she can tell, the drivers were also professional racers. I'm frustrated because I want to know what kind of person would plot against her and go so far as to want her dead?" Adam immediately got to his feet. "Are you suspecting me of something, Abel?" "It's not that simple. " Abel smiled coldly. "My main suspect is Evelyn Murphy but she doesn't have the means to plan so far as to hire racers here in Struyria. " "So, you still suspect me. " Adam sat back down, indignant. "I'm upset that Emmeline was hurt. This has nothing to do with me. She's still my sister-in-law. I wouldn't target her just for Evelyn's sake. " "I considered that myself," Abel said. "Why would you do such a risky thing for Evelyn? Why would you target Emmeline?"