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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Abel’s Warning Part 3 Abel could see how Adam harbored feelings for Emmeline. He didn't think Adam would do such a thing but who else could it be? Evelyn wasn't capable of pulling the operation off by herself. "I'm glad. The whole buying off racers to cause a car accident might seem like something I'd do but I had nothing to do with this. " "That's what is frustrating me. " Abel shot a look at Adam. "Who do you think could've done it?" Adam's expression turned grim. He knew Abel was warning him but he couldn't say anything. The more weak-minded he appeared, the more it would seem as if he had something to do with it. Abel would pin his suspicions on him even if he didn't do it/ He fell silent. He already had someone in mind when Abel brought up the racers. It was Alana. Alana had been in the Imperial Palace for a while now and had accompanied him during his exchange with a group of racers. There was friendship between them. It wouldn't be far-fetched to assume a deal had been struck. "I'm asking you something, Adam. " (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({});Abel narrowed his eyes. His gaze carried mockery, making him look no different from a devil from hell. Abel had to have known about something. "I'll look into it. " Adam avoided his gaze. "Good. " Abel smirked

Why don't we play a game?" "A game?" Adam rolled his eyes. "What kind of game?" "Isn't there a shooting range in the Imperial Palace?" He smiled wryly. "Why don't we have a little fun?" Adam fell silent

. He had no idea if Abel just wanted to fool around or actually beat him again. He, however, also wanted to know how far Abel had come and agreed. "Sure. Let's go. " The bartender gathered his equipment and followed them to the shooting range. The service staff immediately attended to them with full dedication. They decided on using sniper rifles for a long-range accuracy match. The two men, each with a gun, took headshot after headshot at the targets that kept moving. Abel was the one who came out on top. Out of ten targets, he hit every one of them. Adam had hit five of the targets. He could only marvel at Abel's superior marksmanship. It only served to feed into his timidity even more. Abel, meanwhile, was also taken aback by Adam's performance. To have hit five of the targets out of ten was no small feat. He had always held suspicions that his cousin had something to do with the underground organization within the Imperial Palace. This only cemented that idea. The two brothers, each with something on their mind, had a few more drinks and went their separate ways. Evelyn, meanwhile, arrived at the Ryker's Meriwether Mansion. She had wanted to go see Emmeline at the Ryker Hospital to appraise the situation but fear kept her from going. She called for Lizbeth to accompany her to give herself some courage. "Huh? Emma was caught in an accident?" Lizbeth was shocked