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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 663

"Yes, that's why I'm asking you to go have a look with me," Evelyn said. "Sure!" Lizbeth hurriedly followed her sister to the hospital. They bought expensive supplements and arrived at Emmeline's ward. However, they were stopped by Abel and Benjamin's bodyguards. "We're here to visit Ms. Louise. We're friends of hers," Evelyn said politely. The bodyguard entered the ward to tell Emmeline about it. Hearing that Evelyn was here, Sam immediately got angry. She rolled her sleeves and wanted to go deal with them. "Sam, don't be rash. Let's see what she's here for," Emmeline said. "I think this woman has malicious intentions. Even hearing her name makes me angry!" Sam said while glaring. "I also think this woman isn't a good person! Ms. Louise, she caused you to injure your finger at the Levan Mansion previously. If it was not for the Levan Mansion's reputation, I would have slapped her!" Daisy said. "Don't be rash. Once I find out who hurt me, I'll definitely make her suffer!" Emmeline said. "Then what should we do now, Ms. Louise? Should we chase her away or let her in?" Sam asked with her sleeves rolled up. "Let her in. I want to see what she's up to," Emmeline said with a smile. "Alright!" Sam said and went to open the door. "Sam? Is Emmeline feeling better?" Evelyn asked while smiling. "Ms

You should take them and get well soon. " Evelyn stepped forward. "Mmhm, I didn't expect you to visit me," Emmeline said with a smile

. Evelyn lowered her head. "Our disputes are all in the past. I know it was my fault, and you've also accepted my apology, so we're good friends now. " "Good friends? Sure," Emmeline said sarcastically. "Mr. Abel came to me today. He thought that we were still fighting, and he wouldn't believe it no matter what I said," Evelyn said while pouting. "I don't believe it either. You're the only one I told about Janie being in Falmouth. " Emmeline sneered. "How can you blame me? Who knows if others have heard about it? I've really been wronged. How is it possible for me to have the power to cause such a big car accident?" Evelyn said. "Forget it. Let's not talk about this anymore. The truth will come to light anyway. " Emmeline waved her hands. Evelyn's expression darkened, but seeing that Emmeline did not want to continue talking about it, she stayed silent. However, she secretly prayed that Abel would not find out the truth. Someone knocked on the door at the lounge again, so Sam went to open the door, and Adrien immediately rushed in. "Emma, are you hurt? Are you alright? Where were you injured? Let me have a check. Do your injuries still hurt?"