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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 664

"Adrien, why are you everywhere? I'm here to visit Emma. Why are you so anxious?" "I… I was once considered the triplet's father. I miss Emma, so what's wrong with me visiting Emma?" Adrien said anxiously. "Emma shouldn’t be the one you’re most worried about, okay? Aren't you afraid that I'll get jealous?" Lizbeth pouted. "I'm only treating Emmeline as a sister and visiting her. Why are you such a busybody?" "You actually dare accuse me of being a busybody?" Lizbeth said as she rolled her sleeves, wanting to twist Adrien's ear. "Sweetheart, I'll change, alright? Please forgive me!" Adrien said as he covered his ear. "That's more like it. You can be worried about Emmeline and visit her, but you should keep your distance. If you're that close to your cousin's wife, aren't you afraid of people misunderstanding it?" Adrien then stood a few steps away from Emmeline's bed and asked gently, "Emma, are you feeling better?" "Adrien, I'm fine, but you might be in trouble with Lizbeth," Emmeline said with a smile. Adrien glanced at Lizbeth and said, covering his ears, "This woman is really fierce, so I can only bow to her. " Emmeline laughed at his words. Lizbeth raised an eyebrow and said, "Adrien, I dare you to say that again

"Then think of what you want to eat. I'll immediately ask the Nimbus Hotel to prepare it. " "I think it's better to prepare some squab soup for Emmeline," Lizbeth said

. "Is squab soup alright?" Adrein asked Emmeline. Emmeline thought about it and replied, "I'm not sure what to eat, so let's go with that. " "Alright then! squab soup it is!" Adrien took out his phone and called the manager of Nimbus Hotel. "Make the squab more tender and the soup lighter. " "Yes, make it now, and send it over personally. " After Adrien was done with the call, he said, "Emmeline, I don't drink and play around anymore. Now, I'm only loyal to Liz and focus on my career. Under my management, the businesses of dozens of hotels under the Ryker Group are going really well every day!"