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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 665

"I should really reward you, Adrien. I can't look at you the same way as before anymore. " Emmeline was happy for Adrien. "Of course. I'm no longer the playboy from before. " Adrien gave himself a thumbs up. "Well, we need to thank Liz too. Adrien, you've picked up a treasure!" "Of course. It's said that marrying a good wife will bring prosperity. In this case, Liz is the one!" Adrien hugged Lizbeth and kissed her cheeks. Lizbeth blushed and looked shy. On the other hand, Evelyn pouted and walked out with a cold expression. After leaving the Ryker Hospital, she returned to the Murphy family's residence. Once she finished dressing up in her room, she called Adam. After Adam and Abel finished drinking, Adam returned to Avalan

" "Kneel!" Adam stared at the red wine in his glass. Alana did not hear him properly. "I'm asking you to kneel! Are you ignoring me?" Adam gritted his teeth, and his eyes became cold

. Alana immediately kneeled as her body trembled. "Master… Do you have any requests?" Adam slapped her and said, "You really ignored my words!" Alana covered her cheek and lowered her head, not daring to make a sound. "Did you help Evelyn to harm Emmeline?!" Alana immediately fell to the ground. Even after all her precautions, Adam still found out about it? How did he know about it? Alana did not know that it was Abel who asked Adam to deal with this case, killing two birds with one stone! "Say it! Was it you two who did it?!" "Mas…Master…" "I'm asking you to say it!" Adam slapped her again. Alana whimpered and said, "I'll say it… It's Evelyn! It's Evelyn who did it!" "How about the two drivers? If Abel discovered them, wouldn't I be dragged down by you?!" Adam shouted. "They… They've already been dealt with. The cars have been destroyed too, so no one can find out," Alana said cautiously. Adam narrowed his eyes. He did not know that after his training, this woman already had such decisiveness and skill. "I've underestimated you. Looks like you've improved. " Adam snorted