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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Temptation "Master, I want to become a qualified killer as soon as possible, so I can take revenge," Alana said. "I've said before that you can scheme against Abel, but you should go through me before you do anything to Emmeline!" Adam grabbed Alana's neck. "Emmeline is Abel's woman, so why are you doing this, Master?" Alana said daringly. "Because I want to! I like her, so what about it? I can't get Worryfree, so I can't free myself!" Alana stayed silent. Even such a merciless man like Adam would be lovesick. At this moment, Evelyn called. Adam snorted and answered the call. "Mr. Adam, where are you? Can I visit you?" Evelyn said with a gentle voice. "Avalan. I was going to meet you too, so come over. " Adam smiled coldly. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({});Upon hearing this, Evelyn was happy that Adam wanted to see her. It seemed like she was indeed considered charming. 40 minutes later, Evelyn arrived at Avalan

Adam snorted and said, "I'll gouge out their eyes if they dare to!" Evelyn took a deep breath and did not dare to move anymore. Adam pulled down her skirt and threw it onto the floor… Alana glanced downward from the railing on the second floor and then hid in the corner. Evelyn had walked into the trap herself

. What a stupid woman. Adam would often take advantage of a situation and shirk responsibility, so he would not take Evelyn seriously too. Did she think she could use her beauty to win Adam's heart? What a joke! It seemed like she did not know the kind of man Adam was! Alana had even learned seductive techniques for this man, but she was still treated like a dog. Evelyn, you idiot! You deserve it! Although this was what Alana thought, she could not help but secretly feel jealous. Even if she did not love Adam, she still felt jealous when seeing him with Evelyn! Half an hour later, Adam stood up in content. "Mr. Adam, you're too rough. " "Hmph, you cooperated so skillfully, so this isn't your first time, right, Evelyn?" Chills spread through her body, and her flushed face became pale. Of course, this was not her first time. Even after reconstructive surgery, no men gave her extra love and care. Sure enough, Adam picked her up from the couch and threw her into the floor. "Get out, you disgusting woman!"