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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Mr. Adam Isn’t a Good Person "Mr. Adam? I'm already yours!" Evelyn said in dissatisfaction as she used her dress to cover her body. "Hmph! What a joke! If that's the case, wouldn't I have a whole house of women?" Adam sneered. "I want to marry you, so how can I be the same as other women?" "What can you bring me? Can the Murphy Group help me kill Abel?" Adam asked as he pinched her chin. "This…" Evelyn stuttered. She did not want to kill Abel. She only wanted to kill Emmeline. As long as Emmeline was gone, everything would be easy to deal with. "Don't you know you're not even as useful as Alana? I've trained Alana into a killer, so she might be useful one day, but what use do you have?" Adam sneered. "If we get married, you'll also gain some of the Murphy Group's properties. I need you to become my backer and protect me. You can use me to get the Murphy Group's wealth, and only then will you gain more power!" "Mmhm, that seems reasonable. " Adam nodded. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[])

Evelyn trembled, feeling the pain and pleasure in her body. Adam was too scary. There was not one bit of pity in his eyes

. It was no wonder Alana was that afraid of him. Evelyn had finally tasted this feeling of fear and submission. However, she somewhat liked this feeling. "Aren't you going to get up? Are you still pretending to be weak?" Alana had arrived downstairs and thrown a thin blanket to Evelyn so she could cover her body. Evelyn's dress had been ripped by Adam, so she could only use the thin blanket that Alana threw over. "I'm not pretending. That man is too rough!" "Hmph, I've served him before, so I know about that. " "What are you saying? You've done it with Mr. Adam?" "Did you think that he's a good person? How would he let go of any beautiful women around him?" Alana said as she glanced at Evelyn. "However, once I've married Mr. Adam, I won't allow any woman to appear around him!" "Hahaha! Unfortunately, your words don't matter!" Alana laughed out loud