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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 668

Chapter 668 The Two Women’s Plan Evelyn took a deep breath. She also thought that she had no room to speak when she was with Adam. Adam was not like Abel or Adrien, who would spoil their wives. In Adam's eyes, no woman would be pampered by him. Wait, no! Adam said the woman he loves is Emmeline! If it was Emmeline, she'd definitely be able to control him and get pampered by him. Damn Emmeline! Evelyn gritted her teeth and said, "I'll definitely not allow you to take over the hearts' of all men! Since you've hurt me, I'll definitely take revenge!" "You're still not going to change? Did you forget what Adam said? He said that you can scheme against Abel, but he'll make you suffer if you dare to scheme against Emmeline!" "But… I've suddenly thought of a plan that'll not make him angry…" Evely said with a sinister smile. "What's your plan?" Alana asked. "We can lure Emmeline over and torture her. If Adam discovers her, we can say it's Emmeline's gift to him. If he doesn't discover her, we can burn her body and leave no traces…" "You sure are bold to want to take Emmeline's life!" Alana said. "Hmph, do you remember Adrien's party? I prepared a poisoned glass of red wine for Emmeline, but it was taken away by an unlucky woman!" (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[])

"We can use anesthetics. If we make Emmeline faint once she walks in, let's see how she's going to fight back then!" Evelyn smiled sinisterly. "That's a good plan! I can even get some Vampire Dust from the Imperial Palace

. In addition to the anesthetics, she'll be powerless to resist. " "Hahaha! Then she can only be tortured by us!" "I can finally take revenge on her!" Alana raised her severed fingers and gritted her teeth. Two days later, Emmeline was discharged from the hospital. At Rosaline's request, their family had a meal together at the Levan Mansion. It was the weekend, so the four children did not have to go to kindergarten and were waiting for their parents at home. Seeing Emmeline and Abel walking hand in hand, the four children spread their arms and pounced on them. Timothy said, "Mommy, Daddy, you're finally back!" Sun said, "Daddy Mommy, I missed you so much!" Moon said, "Daddy and Mommy only care about going on dates alone! Do you not want us anymore?" Star said, "I thought Daddy and Mommy had forgotten about us!"