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Remarriage? Never and Go Away!

Chapter 785 You Really Doesn’t Know How to Talk Decently

Chapter 785 You Really Doesn’t Know How to Talk Decently “Damn! I have nothing to do with Nydia! She stole my mother’s heritage! Don’t mistaken it.” Jordy crooked up a sneer, seeming to smile sarcastically. George was on the verge of bursting out his outrage to, “Damn! I've told you so many times but you still don’t believe it! How could I give my lifelong happiness t o that woman who behaves like a man but not like a maiden at all? Don’t say th at to me again!” Jordy looked at him blandly, “You never seemed so outraged when I mentioned other women.” There must be some reasons behind his rage. His rage was really revealing so mething. Apparently, his anger was heartfelt feelings in disguise. George was so red with rage that he would almost explode. George snapped, “That’s because I hate that woman. There are so many pretty women. Why don’t you match me up with them instead?” “No. In fact, I've talked about women who, were far below Nydia and who were not talented at all. But you still didn’t get an gry like you did this time. * hut up! T have a grudge against Nydia! We have a grudge.” George was refuti ng with anger. But Jordy didn’t say anything more, only sneering at him. Georges niffed, “Don’t talk about me! You have a problem with Gloria as well. You have no right to talk about me and Nydia until you fix yourself up!" Jordy glanced at him coldly and stood up without saying anything. George was still holding his fork. The three of them were just dining together, but then he was the only one left. For a moment, he lost his appetite. So, he laid down his fork impatiently, frowning. After pondering for a while, he dialed Nydia’s number. But as soon as the phone was connected, Nydia hung up the phone. “Oh, damn it, woman!” George did not give up. He called again. Again, it was hung up quickly. He tried for a third time. As if being annoyed, this time, Nydia picked up the phone and snapped, “Don’t you know what's good for yourself after I've hung up your phone so many times? How could you be so shameless to call back again and again and again? I'm busy right now.” George said calmly, “This afternoon, Jordy and Gloria will go to the Nossel Scenic Area, and they may not come back today.” For a moment, the woman on the phone hesitated. All of a sudden, she forgot to hang up the phone. And George revealed a smile. But soon he sank into bitterness again when he was reminded that Nydia didn’t hang up the phone not because of him. “What are they doing over there?” George said impatiently, “Because Jordy is going on a business trip. Do you want to come? Come over and protect your best friend. I'm sure you don’t want to see Gloria get bullied by that man.” “Oh shit!” Nydia was sort of irritated by his provocation George looked irked, “Do you know how to talk decently like a young lady? Don’ t you think of yourself as rude, swearing and cursing all the time?” “I will curse whatever I like! You’re not my husband. You have no right to ask me to behave.” George was speechless. He grinded his teeth with rage. He was thinking about confronting this woman face to face, and taught her a good lesson. He wanted to teach her how to talk decently like a real lady. “Do you want to come or not? I will take you there if you want. It would be a huge pity to miss this chance.” “Oh, you wouldn’t be so kind, would you?” Nydia asked suspiciously. Of course, I wouldn’t! He wanted her to come because he wanted to flirt with her so that he could fish her mother’s treasure out of her when she let down her guard. But he held his tongue on that and snorted, “{ know you don’t want to see Gloria get bullied. Listen, I don’t want to waste my time with you. Just tell me whether you want to come or not. Or 'll hang up.” “I want to come.” Nydia couldn’t care about it too much. She was worrying about Gloria at that moment. George revealed a wicked smile and immediately said, “Then I'll go pick you up now.” “Okay, I'm at the law firm.” George didn’t say anything more. He hung up the phone and went to the underground parking lot. He had ordered people to send a car here after he learned that they were going to have lunch there. At that moment, Gloria and the other two were coming to their car as well.