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Right Person, Wrong Time

Capítulo 1081

Chapter 1081 You Need to Help Nicole! Nicole's words instantly convinced the men. She's right. We're four people against one woman. She does not stand a chance against us. At that, the men extended their hands and helped Nicole untie the ropes. Nicole looked down at the marks around her wrists before wriggling them slowly. I got tied up so tightly. My wrists hurt "Gorgeous, let's not waste any more time. Shall we begin?” The men swallowed at the sight of Nicole's pretty face. Raising her head, she watched them without a word of resistance. A smile split her face as she rotated her wrists. “What's the rush? My body is sore after being bound in the same position for a long time. " Then, she began to move around before their eyes. The men might have seen a lot in their lives, but Nicole's antics truly baffled them. They turned to each other, wondering the same thing. What is she doing? At that point, one of the men lost his patience. He walked over to her and pulled her by the arm, muttering, “Enough talk!" As soon as the words left him, Nicole tapped on his neck. Then, she applied a little pressure onto her fingertip, sending the man to the ground. Nicole struck him fast and hard, taking the men by surprise. Once they came to realize Nicole's intentions, the men got ready for a fight. She can take a man out within a few seconds

Queenie never expected Nicole to be a skillful fighter. Queenie tried her best to calm down. "Don't worry, Mom

. " she commented. "It's a confined room. She's locked inside. Even if Nicole manages to knock them out, she can't escape. I'll tell Evelyn about our situation and ask her to send some people. " I can’t send more men who are no match for her into the room. I can't allow her the opportunity to escape. AllI can do for the time being is trap her inside the room and seek Evelyn's advice. Meanwhile, in the hospital The pedestrians sent Rita to the hospital after they found her passed out an the ground. After finding out Rita was sent to the hospital, the Goulds rushed over to visit her. Even Colton visited her in the hospital. The moment she woke up. Rila screamed, “S-Someone needs to help Nicole!" Colton's eyes darkened at the statement. He suppressed the anger rising within him before asking in a low voice, "Old Mrs. Gould, what happened to Nicky?" Rita just woke up, but she forced the words out of her dry throat. "S-She was kidnapped