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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966 "Don't you know why I hit you in the toilet?" Isabel argued. "You and your friends surrounded her and tried to bully her. If I wasn’t there, you people would've bullied her. ” Caprice wore a frosty expression and echoed. "Yeah. I ran into them when I was in the toilet. I don't want to argue with them, so I tried to avoid them. But they stopped me and even pinched my face. " She clearly remembered what happened earlier. Sherry and John reacted coldly to their daughter's explanation. Heather immediately argued, "No! I was just trying to say hi! I didn’t bully her!" "Let's put this aside first," Sherry said. She then looked at Mrs. Duwait and asked, "Mrs. Duwait, can I inspect your worker?" She looked at Beverly and continued, "I want to know why someone is targeting my daughter. " Upon hearing her words, both Sophia and Heather shuddered again. Mrs. Duwait nodded firmly. "Not a problem. " A worker brought over some chairs for John and Caprice to sit down. Odell, Sylvia, and Isabel also sat down beside them

Horrified, Sophia screamed, “Nonsense! I don't even know you!" Heather hid behind her mother but she called out to Beverly as well, "My mother doesn't know you or Caprice. You're trying to slander us!" Beverly did not expect them to cut ties with her. A momentary shock later, she explained, "I have the transfer record! Mrs

. Mason promised me fifty thousand if I agreed to help her. " She pulled her phone out and showed Mrs. Duwait the transfer record from Sophia. Mrs. Duwait had a glance before she gave it to Sherry. An hour ago, Sophia transferred fifty thousand to Beverly's bank account. Not only that, she even added Beverly and texted her, "Beverly, I assure you you'll become the biggest star after this. " Sherry scoffed and looked at Sophia. Sophia's face was as pale as paper. "It's not me! She's accusing me!" It was then Roman stepped out from the crowd and slapped Sophia on the face. Sophia was sent to the ground with blood trickling from the edge of her lips. She looked at Roman in shock. Furious, Roman glared at her. "You fool! Not only did you spend my money lavishly, but you even disgrace me at Mr. Duwait's estate! You embarrass me!" 2 He also shouted, "Get up and apologize to Mr. Stockton!" Sophia was stunned for a moment before she realized what happened