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Son In Law Madness

Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Lab 206 “Here's a thousand. Go eat somewhere else. I don't want to see you here anymore. ” Donald had never wanted to involve himself in their affairs. In fact, he was prepared to leave right after the meal. Unfortunately, Braulio's arrogance compelled him to teach the former a lesson. Glancing at the bill from the corner of his eyes, Donald asked, “My friend, do you think you can act with impunity just because you're rich?” “What's the matter? Is that not enough?” Braulio grabbed another thousand from his wallet. Instead of tossing it on the table, he threw it at his own feet this time. “Two thousand. Pick the money up and scram. ” Braulio was brimming with confidence, for that was how he resolved problems ever since he was young. He had seen plenty of people like Donald, who only knew how to impress girls with puny tricks. Yet these very people never failed to succumb to the temptation of money. (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[]). push({}); That was the reason why Braulio saw Donald as unworthy of Hannah

“Regardless of how rich you are, I'm sure you won't dare go against Lab 206. Donald is a member of our staff. It was Mr

. Cousteau who first disrupted our meal, and he just got what he deserved. If you take him away now, I'll pretend that none of this ever happened. Otherwise, I'll get the lab's security team to deal with you. ” As Lab 206 was one of Yorksland's top research labs, members of the research team were protected by the army. Therefore, despite the influence wielded by the Cousteau family, they had no choice but to submit to the nation's authority. After all, if Hannah were to call Lab 206's security team over, their family would definitely be finished. “Hannah, how can you recklessly deploy Lab 206's security team for the sake of a piece of trash like him?” Braulio stared daggers at Donald. He just couldn't understand what Donald had that he lacked and why Hannah was so persistent in protecting the latter. “Do you have a problem with it? If you do, take it up with the authorities. We want to finish our meal here, so stop getting in our way. ” “Mr. Cousteau, we can't afford to mess with Lab 206. We had better head home first