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Son In Law Madness

Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Running Into Jennifer Again No sooner had Leandro tried to persuade Braulio than he suffered another slap. “Where were you just now? Do you know that I had my two front teeth knocked out by that kid?” Leandro lowered his head and apologized, “I'm sorry to have failed to protect you, Mr. Cousteau. ” With that, Braulio whipped out his phone and took a picture of Donald, who brazenly posed for the picture. “Your name's Donald Campbell, right? I'll remember you. You're gonna get it from me one of these days. ” After taking the picture, Braulio hobbled out of the restaurant with Leandro's help. Upon their departure, Donald wiped his hands with a napkin. “Are you satisfied now? I've gotten rid of another insufferable friend of yours. ” Hannah replied with a grin, “You clearly couldn't help yourself. What has it got anything to do with me?” “Enough of that. I'll buy you this meal, so we're even now. I still have work to do in the office and need to leave now. Feel free to order more food. I'll pay you back after that. ” Cognizant that she couldn't make him stay, Hannah stared into his eyes and said, “We're not even yet. Remember what you promised me. ” (adsbygoogle=window. adsbygoogleII[])

“By the way, Darling, what are you doing here?” After a slight hesitation, Donald decided to speak truthfully. “I met a friend for a meal, but decided to leave early because of work. ” Jennifer subsequently leaned in and sniffed him like a dog

. “A woman?” Gulp. Donald swallowed nervously. “That's right. What about it?” “Is she pretty?” “Erm. Kind of. ” “Who is she? Do I know her?” Jennifer was like a hungry tiger stalking her prey. “You do. It's Dr. Nixon. ” “I see. ” Just when Donald thought that he was done for, Jennifer's jealousy disappeared upon learning that it was Hannah. “You should have told me it was her. I was worried that you were going out with another girl. ” Donald was stunned by her response, as he couldn't make sense of it. “But, Darling, why are you relieved by the fact that I had a meal with Dr. Nixon?”