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Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night

Chapter 585

Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 585 ‘We met before in Westwood” He tried to remind her, but Lily still could not recall who he was. He confirmed that she was not pretending and gave up trying to help her recall him. He said, You performed slightly better than me in the sampling competition. My name is Noahi Richards.” He gestured with his finger that he was just slightly worse than her. He then stretched out his hand to express his friendliness. 1 Lily glanced at his hand and nodded as a greeting, “Noted.” Noted? What kind of an answer was that? Was this woman always so arrogant? “I was just testing the waters in Westwood and hadn’t thought I would receive something unexpected. I wonder when I could have the honor to compete with you again officially?” Lily looked at the man in front of her. He seemed unconvinced of his loss even though his words remained polite. He was obviously implying that he lost because he was careless and did not try his best in the previous competition. Therefore, he would like to compete again and win against her. “Then... we'll talk about it when we get the chance,” she replied casually and gave him a polite smile before leaving the store with the box. The man beside Noah saw her leaving and couldn't help asking, “Sir, are we letting her go just like that?” “If she escaped, this proves that we can’t stop her even if we wanted to. Aren’t you curious. how she got out? Why are your subordinates so useless?” Noah gave him a side look. The person beside him shuddered, “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll check it immediately!” Noah raised his hand to stop him and said, “Don’t act rashly and alert the enemy. She was able to get out today, and the same would likely happen again. What’s the thing they were competing for earlier?” “What do you mean...” He hesitantly looked at Noah and instantly understood his meaning, “I understand. I'll go do it now!” They saw and heard what had happened earlier. It was not important what raw materials that little girl was selling. What mattered was that Lily liked it very much and wanted it. She also agreed to pick it up the next day. She would need to come out of the house as she had. made a promise. They just needed to wait for her to step into their trap. Noah kept silent and smirked. He let the man leave to arrange things. His words earlier were not mere courtesy. He did gain something in his visit to Westwood. This little lady had piqued his interest. Lily took a cab back to the house. She had gained a general idea of the surroundings when she went out earlier. This was probably a private courtyard. All of the buildings were designed according to personal liking. The surrounding housing had courtyards, but they were ordinary (hapter 557. private homes and different from the ones with many equipments installed. Moreover, regular private homes would not have a five-meter high wall. It was not an exaggeration to say that this was a small prison. Lily was standing in front of the main gate of the courtyard with a backpack. Within the bag were her procures for the night. She was about to walk forward when she suddenly felt an unusual movement beside her. Lily immediately hit it with her elbow and spun around. In the next instant, she was pulled into a hug. She smelled a familiar scent and heard a familiar voice saying, “It’s me.” Lily widened her eyes and was pleasantly surprised, “Why are you here?”