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Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 713 This is all a lie to me

Lottie soon arrived at the scene of the search and rescue, she did not know that the children have returned to the country, but also secretly for her to check the clues, not to mention these exchanges between her best friend and Alfred, a single-minded focus on the whereabouts of Ralph. "Well, did you find Mr. Chapman?" As soon as Lottie arrived, she grabbed Sean and asked him about it. Sean saw her and couldn't wait to get down on his knees and kowtow. "It's getting close, we'll find it!" Sean spoke up. Lottie looked shaken, almost to stand unstable, was supported by the next person, which just barely did not faint. "Mrs. Chapman, don't be discouraged, Mr. Lee is here, with his help we will be able to find Mr. Chapman!" The search and rescue team can not look down, out to help comfort. They all watched Lottie's performance in the past two days. They didn't expect the big star to make it this far. She and Ralph must have a good relationship, not at all plastic like the internet says! Lottie can't even pull out a false and polite smile, just a dumb voice and the other side to say thank you. We can all understand her, and did not say too much, rotating on the search and rescue, in an effort to find the maximum range of people. Lottie lowered her eyes and looked at the ground. The sun blazed overhead, and Mr. Chapman had been missing for more than forty-eight hours. It is a normal person, do not eat or drink forty-eight hours, may also be accident, not to mention Mr. Chapman also injured, he also fell from such a high place. Just thinking about that possibility, Lottie's whole body chills, can not say a word. Just then, there was a sudden commotion in the search and rescue team. During this time, Lottie has experienced too many scenes from expectation to disappointment, and at this moment there is not much energy to go over to check. She was afraid of another disappointment. But this time, it was York who walked up to her, eyes red and wet, fixed and unable to say a word. Lottie paused for a moment. Look to York and ask silently. York gritted his teeth and said in a dumb voice, "Find . found. " Lottie's eyes lit up and braced himself to get up from the ground, and the people next to him rushed to help. "We really found it, how about Mr

York immediately rushed over and picked up Lottie. "Lottie, what are you doing, Mr. Chapman has gone, you stop

. " "That's not him!" Lottie shouted out violently. York was stunned, and after a moment he recovered. Directing his men to carry the body away. While talking to Lottie: "I know you don't want to believe it, and you don't want to believe it. But it's the truth, we searched all the river culverts around here, and the nearby valley river banks, and only fished out this one body. " "His clothes and death characteristics, even the time of death, all match up!" "How could there be any body here other than Mr. Chapman, do you think Mr. Chapman got a double to trick you and played a shocking joke on all of us?" Hearing York's words, some people who still had some hope in their hearts, suddenly lowered their heads. "You shut up!" Lottie, however, refused to listen to him and pointed at Sean, "You stop them! Stop them!" "That's not Mr. Chapman, Mr. Chapman has a red mole on his left shoulder blade, but that guy doesn't have one at all!" "That's not him! It really wasn't him!" Hearing Lottie's words, Sean, who was already on the verge of a complete breakdown, jerked up and stumbled towards the search and rescue team. Run to the stretcher and peel off the top of the body as soon as possible. "No, there's really no red mole. " "Mrs. Chapman, this . " Lottie also left York and ran up to him, and when she got a good look, she cried and laughed. It's not him, it's really not him! And where did Mr. Chapman go? If another person fell off the cliff and deliberately disguised himself as Mr. Chapman, where did the real Mr. Chapman go? Is he still alive, perhaps not even injured, just hiding in the shadows intending to take those who have set him up, all together! York frowned slightly, saw the scene in a mess, and finally could not help but go forward. "Have you made enough noise yet?" There was silence, only Lottie's cries and laughter remained. York took a big step forward: "I never knew Mr. Chapman had a red mole on his body, so you're not just hysterical and making this up to deceive yourself. If he was still alive, how could he not contact you? If he was still alive, how could he not have contacted you? You have been looking for him for so long with so much fanfare, and look at you now!" Lottie jerked her head up and looked at York. "Why do you assume Mr. Chapman is dead?York, what the hell do you want?"