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Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 712 We can also help

Conrad is also from the Holland Famiiy's orphanage, treats Mr. Chapman as a benefactor, and has no less affection for Ralph than anyone else. He was also anxious to learn that Ralph had had an accident. Now it's helping Kayden and using all kinds of tactics on the hotel manager. Finally, from the mouth of the hotel manager, asked a little information about the other mastermind. They also got the monitoring in the corridor that night, but the monitoring in the room, but was taken away by the mastermind, and the manager could not come out to explain more. Ralph beat a path home with people and evidence that says it all. Lottie took a look at the surveillance and frowned tightly. "This monitoring is not right. " Kayden immediately asked, "What's wrong?" "The surveillance only has footage of Mr. Chapman coming in and out, but not Rich and others taking Nancy into the room first. " This way, there is no way to prove that Ralph is innocent. Kayden got angry when she heard that, "That manager dares to fool me? I'm going to find him right now!" Lottie shook her head, "It's no use looking for him, the surveillance video that proves Mr. Chapman's innocence must have been taken by the person behind the scenes. " The crowd's faces were ugly, and it was unspeakably frustrating to be put together for no reason. Natalia also said, "Are we just going to let it go?" "Forget it?" Lottie snorted, "That's not what I said. " "Little aunt, what else can we do now? You tell me, as long as there is a need for me, I will not resign from death!" Lottie looked over at Kayden with relief in her eyes. "Don't talk so scary, as long as we find a way to find the real culprit who is behind the design to frame Mr. Chapman, we may be able to get a lot of evidence from his side. " "Can you find it? That man is hiding so deep. " Natalia was a little worried. Connie spoke up indignantly, "What else is there to look for, I think it's that Ian! If Ian hadn't sent the text message, Mr. Chapman wouldn't have fallen for it so easily!" This Ian, so dark in mind, harmed Mr. Chapman not only, but also dare to find Lottie's trouble, in the side of the stone, simply abominable! Connie is hating on this lousy person! Lottie shook her head, "This has nothing to do with Ian. " "Lottie, you don't have to speak for people like that!" Lottie gave Connie a look, "You think I'm speaking for him? Now that Mr. Chapman's life is unknown, I'm going to get all the people who have harmed him, one by one, and I'm going to get them! And you want to leave Ian alone?" "By what, by that face of his?" The crowd was silent together. Lottie spoke again, "Even if Ian looked like Mr. Chapman, he doesn't deserve to be compared to Mr

Lottie, on the other hand, immediately rushed to the scene of the search and rescue, not wanting to waste time at all. When she left, Connie called for the three babies to be called out. Ask them, "Why didn't you guys come out and talk to your mommy earlier?" Elijah sulked, "Mommy has something to do right now, and we don't want her to worry about us anymore

. " Connie's heart couldn't be more ironic: "Good boys, you're all good boys. " Still so young, you have to experience so much, and can still think about everything for adults, really rare. Stella wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, which were already slightly swollen, and she hadn't stopped shedding tears from the moment she hid behind the other door and peeked out to see Lottie. Mommy really looks too tired now. As if the next second will pass out, but to carry a breath to deal with a variety of things. She was all ready to rush out and reunite with her mommy, but the moment she saw Lottie reveal herself, she and her brothers were silent. Can't add to the burden of mommy. Now the mommy, can no longer afford a little pressure. Obviously they and daddy have agreed to protect mommy, but I didn't expect to end up making mommy so hardworking. "We can help, too. " Stella wiped another tear from her eye and spoke. Connie was stunned, "Help with what?" "Find out who's behind it!" Fabian slapped Stella's back while speaking viciously. Yes, they have learned a lot of skills from Uncle Ling and Grandfather's side. That's when it's time to let them shine. When Daddy comes back behind, maybe he'll be proud of them! Connie couldn't help but shed tears along with her. "Good, what a good boy, I'll call your cousin uncle so you can be part of it. " Connie took the phone and walked to the side, pretending to call Alfred, and secretly hid to the side and cried. It's so bitter, Lottie and Mr. Chapman, it's really too bitter. They are obviously such good people, why are there always bad people who look at them in a bad way? How long has it been stable, and then give them so many trials and tribulations, Jesus is not so cruel. Connie couldn't stop crying, but she didn't notice that her phone was unlocked and the video request was dialed. "It's hard to cry. " A slightly distorted male voice sounded. Connie was stunned when she looked down and saw the familiar side of Alfred's face. She was so frightened that she immediately shut her mouth