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Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 711 You think I'm discussing with you

Just like Elijah said, Lottie did have a way to get Nancy to talk. Nancy told the whole story of her encounter, including the day Ralph was knocked unconscious with a stick. Lottie listened on the sidelines and barely snapped her teeth. She knew it! Mr. Chapman was injured that day! But Mr. Chapman, who had been injured, did not have time to go to the hospital to see his injuries, but rushed over to see her. In fact, Ian is absolutely right, he is indeed the murderer of Mr. Chapman! "I've said everything I need to say, I was forced by that bastard Rich, and now I've been kicked out of my home, I don't even have a home anymore, what more do you guys want?" Nancy asked through gritted teeth with tears streaming down her face. Lottie scanned Nancy, her experience was indeed saddening, but Lottie did not sympathize with her at all. "Mr. Chapman wanted to let you live, but you were the one who got torn and swallowed by the tiger, and that was your own fault! If you hadn't messed with Rich, nothing would have happened to my Mr. Chapman!" Nancy's face snapped back at Lottie's comment. Lottie's heart was bitter, but she didn't dare to show it easily on her face, and looked hard at Nancy. "I have an idea for you to hold a press conference right now and tell everyone in public about what happened that night, would you like to do that?" Nancy's eyes widened, "What?" And to confess to everyone again, this is not intended to make people laugh at her? "The world sympathizes with the underdog. " Lottie said, "You may have a chance of survival if you come out and explain yourself at this time. " "You don't want to live your whole life with people looking at you differently, do you?" "It's better to be pitied than to be treated like a slut, and that's a lifetime of humiliation. " Nancy looked fixedly at Lottie, half unable to say anything. Lottie saw that she didn't dare and sneered, "If I were you, I'd rather die than be treated like a plaything, think about it yourself!" After saying that, Lottie got up and was about to leave. Just at the moment she was about to step out of the room, she was suddenly called by Nancy from behind. "Wait a minute. " Lottie slowly turned back. Nancy suddenly straightened her clothes and then, under Lottie's gaze, slowly spoke, "I'm willing to come forward to clarify. " Lottie's tense expression finally loosened up a bit. Connie and the others, however, showed their faces with joy, and Nancy then spoke. "It's one thing for me to be willing to come forward, it's another thing for others to believe it or not

Chapman really . is really gone, he left these heart and soul, Lottie said anything to hold on to! Connie also realized the seriousness of the matter, the eyes also flooded with moisture. "So what now?" Lottie narrowed her eyes, "That hotel, is it called Sweet Pie? There must be something wrong, find the problem with that hotel, I don't believe it, the person in charge of the hotel can not come out to testify!" "And there was surveillance in the room that day, then everything would be fine

. " Connie immediately said, "I'll have someone go to that hotel to find the surveillance!" "It's better if I go on this. " Kayden spoke up. Lottie also did not polite with this great nephew, immediately said: "Yes, you go!" So, Kayden said goodbye to Natalia and took his hands to the "Sweet Pie" hotel. When he saw the décor of that hotel, a strong suspicion arose in his heart. This hotel, just from the outside to look very problematic, his brother-in-law is so vigilant a person, but actually in the gutter, fell for the Rich guy's trick! It's strange to think about it. With such doubts, Kayden went straight to the hotel manager and asked him straightforwardly what happened that night. At first, the manager was still in a false sense, not to admit collusion with Rich, only that Ralph himself came to the room, he did not know anything else, really very innocent. Kayden became impatient at once. A fist pounded directly into the table, a steel glass table, then shattered to the ground. The manager was instantly startled and closed his mouth, not daring to speak. "Do you think I'm talking to you? Although my Kayden is not as successful as my brother-in-law, the Chapman's Group is still under my control. It may take some effort to bring down a large corporation, but I think I can easily deal with a rundown hotel that has no foundation. " "What do you say?" When the hotel manager heard this, he was first shocked and shrunken, but a moment later, he suddenly hardened. "So it's the Chapman's Group's Mr. Qin, I know you're capable, but you can't threaten me to come out and give false testimony. Ralph cheated in marriage and was disgraced, so if I were to come out and speak for him, wouldn't that be cheating the public?" "You!" Kayden was so angry that she stepped forward to hit someone and was grabbed by the arm by Conrad. "Master Kayden, calm down first. This man is soft and hard, and I'm afraid he has a long history of being afraid of us finding him. " Kayden's eyelids jumped, "Are you saying that there are other masterminds behind him that can set things right for him?" Conrad did not say anything, but the look has acquiesced. "Good, good! I'd like to see how long the person behind you can protect you if I want to smash this hotel of yours!"