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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson)

Chapter 33: Sweetheart, it's the time

  He was not done? What other matters did he have?   Unless.   An experienced woman was certainly different. From Hunter's gaze, Emily knew what he meant.   His eyes conveyed a suffocating possessiveness. She desperately wanted to escape but was completely imprisoned by him.   The dashingly handsome man in front of her was infinitely magnified.   She wanted so much to escape. Oh lord, she so badly wanted to escape. Her instincts told her that she must escape.   But as he moved nearer, the only thing that she could do was to . close her eyes and purse her lips. He was very handsome.     How could a man be so handsome?   The long eyelashes made him look like a dreamy prince. But he was a king!   His loneliness and cold indifference made him so endearing and drove women mad.   He. wanted to kiss her?   Emily doesn't know when she closed her eyes but she was clear of what she was hoping for.   Her heart was throbbing and she was squirming.   "Kal" The car window was wound down, Liam's voice came from outside.   Emily was awakened and quickly opened her eyes. She was still in Hunter's embrace.   Master . Jackson was calm, unsurprised and emotionless.   lt turned out that she was the only one who expected it.   She used her strength to push herself off and this time she was able to come down from his legs.   Just as she sat at her seat and was still straightening herself, she looked out the window and saw several men approaching.   They were Sally, . Joe and a sullen Terry.   Emily wanted to open the door and exit the car when Hunter said ¡in a deep voice, 'You're going out like that?"   He made it sound that something was amiss. What's wrong with going out like that?   Emily was now very critical of him and to think that she was feeling passionate about him a moment ago. Who would think that in the blink of an eye, he was back to the cold-hearted man?   The moment of passion was limited to herself and she was feeling embarrassed about it.   She snorted, and looked at him and was mortified

Except that, he seemed to see that man's eyes who was looking at him in return, sizing him up. They were separated by the custom made window but the gaze met. Cold, arrogant, and out of this world   "Terry

. ' Sally shouted.   Terry maintained his silence. Emily didn't know what he was looking at. The door was closed and he can’t see the person inside.   "She walked over to him, “Terry, tonight I. '   "Does he treat you well?"   Terry turned and looked at the girl beside him.   "He. " Emily glanced at the car and knew he meant Hunter. But whether Master . Jackson treated her well was still uncertain. He didn't like her but it was a marriage arranged by his family. lt was difficult for him to like her. But if these were cast aside, apart from love, in her past life, he had given to her all that a man could give.   "Nice. She nodded.   Money, she can have as much as she wants, except that she didn't wart it.   Master Jackson did not hit her and did not fool around with women. Do these mean that he was good to her?   Terry moved his lips as if he wanted to say something. He stretched out his hand and wanted to tuck her hair behind her ears. Within sight, the car door suddenly opened and the man got off the car. With a few drinks in him, Master Jacksons were the usual icy cold but was dreamy and mesmerizing. His short fringe was untidy and he looked less stern and a lot more wild.   He was so dashing that even the heavens couldn't contain. Sally was dazed, captivated and mesmerized. He walked to Emily. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace.   "Babe, five minutes are up!"