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Stomp on Your Broken Heart With Our Babies

Chapter 1516: Can't beat

Here we go again! There's that line again! The nameless fire in Sebastian's heart rubbed upward, directly raising his hand and smashing it towards Theo. But the fist in the end just grazed Theo's cheek and then slammed hard against the wall. After a muffled sound, Bonnie panicked and rushed to check Sebastian's hand. Long ago, the flesh and blood were blurred and blood was left on the wall. But Sebastian's pupils were even more scarlet than that. He looked at Theo in front of him, word by word, and every word he uttered, even the punctuation marks, were endlessly chilling. "I won't understand, not in this lifetime, and one day you will regret your choice today. " Sebastian purposely stood in place and waited for him. Because he thought that maybe Theo was really trying to explain something. Even a voice in the back of his head was telling him. As long as Theo said it, he could believe it unconditionally

But hearing this, really did not tense, snorting out a laugh, "This is where you heard, you used to take the test is like this?" Sebastian shook his head, "No, I didn't used to take exams. "He has no interest in such uniformly graded exams, so he always misses them, but in other areas, he excels. Even at the age of fifteen, he easily made a name for himself on Wall Street

. Because of this, the school accepted him on an exceptional basis and gave him the green light all the way, granting him permission not to take any exams. Bonnie pulled the corners of her mouth, "Fortunately as a child co-ed, otherwise every day to face you so vanilla and cool and dragging classmates, I must be full of hate. "Sebastian nodded, "That's pretty lucky, otherwise you wouldn't have fallen in love with me. "At that, Bonnie's cheeks flew up a blush, very embarrassed, "Why do you say this for a good reason. "How inappropriate in front of the children!However, several little ones have already seen the strange, said, "Mommy, just pretend we do not exist ah, you are so loving, we can not wait to be happy!""Yes, others are envious of our daddy and mommy love!" The rest of the few little ones also nodded in agreement. Sebastian nodded, reached out and wrapped his arm around Bonnie's waist, his tone was gentle and sure, "Hear that, children don't feel anything, why are you shy as an adult, you can't beat these kids?"