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Stomp on Your Broken Heart With Our Babies

Chapter 1517: Give them a celebration

Bonnie gave Sebastian a pouting look. Ignoring him, he instead looked down and went to fix the clothes of five small children, saying words of encouragement before the exam. When Erika arrived, something fell out of the pocket of Erika's dress. Bonnie subconsciously bent down to pick it up and found that it was a red envelope. Very familiar. A closer look shows that this is not the red packet that Theo clutched in his hand this morning. So it's for five little kids. "What's in here?" Bonnie asked curiously. Erika simply poured out the contents of the red envelope and handed it to Bonnie to see, "It's a talisman, and it's a little sheep, Mommy, I'm a sheep. " It really is a talisman. The body is turquoise, warm to the touch, not mixed with a trace of impurities, a look is a good jade. It must be worth a lot of money. "For good reason, why did Grandpa give you this?" Bonnie asked curiously

Looking at the five amulets, Sebastian's face was particularly grave. The azure black eyes are surging with a complex and deep light. Bonnie sounded a little worried, "Sebastian, are you okay?" Sebastian nodded, "I'm fine, what's wrong, don't I look good?" Bonnie couldn't say

. It felt like Sebastian was the same as usual and not quite the same. Hesitantly, he could only focus on speaking, "Are you still angry about what happened this morning?""No anger," Sebastian replied, "is only anger when you have expectations of a person, but if that person means nothing to me, what is there to be angry about?"Theo, now, is such a presence for him. The worry in Bonnie's mind, however, deepened. Often the more you say you don't care, the more you care in your heart. She opened her mouth to try to persuade Sebastian to say something. But the words came to my lips, but I held them back. Direct persuasion is probably not going to work. So Bonnie is going to take matters into her own hands and use something else!"There's a cake store over there, let's go buy some cakes, when the few little ones come out after their exams later, they can just start eating, it's a celebration for them, how about that?" Bonnie changed the subject