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Stomp on Your Broken Heart With Our Babies

Chapter 1627: Provided he can get out of the hospital!

Jay had a rare fight with Nancy. To be precise, it is a one-sided argument. He finished his last sentence and sat on the bed quietly watching Nancy, waiting for her response. But Nancy didn't say anything. With a hurt-eyed sigh, he turned and left In the ward, Jay and Nathan were the only two left. "You still have some shares in your hand, don't you?" Nathan opened the door, "Anyway, you can't help by staying at the hospital now, so take them out, we're just in time to put them to use. ” Jay didn't trust him, “I've read the recent news and the Jones Group is in the hands of my aunt for the most part and doesn't need my shares at all. " Nathan laughed, "Are you now suspecting that I will swallow this share?" Jay did not admit, “This kind of thing I can not blindly say, but also never deny, there is no such idea, only aunt you know best in your own heart. ” “I'm not that despicable. " The smile on Nathan's face could barely hang, “I'm just managing that share for you, and when you get better, I'll return it to you with interest. ” After a pause and added, “Your aunt does have the upper hand now, but it's still difficult to win Sebastian completely, which is why I want to help her out

” Originally, Nathan had other things to say to Jay But after hearing this. Jay already believed him, "Really Auntie, is everything you said true. when the time comes, will you marry your aunt?" "Of course

. I wouldn't lig about something like that. ” Nathan admitted without blushing Jay hmmed, "Well then, I'm willing to give my shares to you as agent for my aunt, bul you also said that you would give me double, so you can give me the note?” Nathan's eyes alerted for a few moments, "What kind of wording?" "It says that as soon as I'm discharged from the hospital, you will double your shares back to me in writing ah. " Jay smiled, "Alter all, when you get married, I'll have to consciously give you the world of the two of you, so I can go back to the company and continue to fight then. " "No problem. ” Nathan readily agreed, "when you are discharged, not to mention double, even triple can give you, I am your aunt, what can not give you, even if you want all away, aunt also willingly. ” But only if Jay can be discharged from the hospital!