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The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 734

Chapter 734 After he was stuffed, he laid back in bed and rested as Quincy cleaned up the mess. For the rest of the day, he stayed in the hotel. It was boring in the hotel, but Quincy made it tolerable and fun with her jokes. Time passed by quickly. Soon, the day of their mission arrived. Night time. James stood on the balcony and looked at the brightly lit city before him. Quincy approached him with an oversized coat and covered him as she reminded him, “It’s autumn, and the weather is getting chillier. With your current condition, you shouldn't catch a cold. The doctor warned that it'll be dangerous for you to get sick.” James enjoyed the night city view. “Look, the Capital is mesinerizing at night.” “I can’t believe you're still in the mood to be sentimental. Your men are going to be springing into action tonight. If they fail, it'll be a death penalty.” “I've done what I could. Everything else is up to fate,” James murmured. He looked in the direction of the General Assembly Hall and checked the time. On his phone, it showed eight fifty-nine o’clock. He stared intently at his screen. Soon, it was nine o'clock. Boom! A rumbling explosion came from the General Assembly Hall. Warning sirens sounded throughout the city. After a short while, James saw countless police cars and military vehicles appearing on the streets. “Come on, let’s head back inside.” James knew that the mission had begun. His plan was perfect. His subordinates had already infiltrated the Red Flame army and were posted as guards at the prison. The plan would succeed as long as there were no unexpected situations. The Capital, underground prison in the suburb. Sirens sounded from the military region in the distance, The Red Flame army soldiers were confused. “What happened?” “Did something big happen?” “The sirens are coming from the military region. There must've been a major incident in the city, and our army has been dispatched.” Suddenly, an inspection team approached. The team was made up of more than 30 people, and its leader was a middle-aged man in a high — ranking uniform. “Everyone be on guard! Stick to your posts, and don’t pry into things that don’t concern you.” “Understood!” The Red Flame army soldiers at the prison straightened up and replied in unison. The general ordered, “Open up the prison gate. We're performing our routine inspection.” The soldiers at the entrance immediately opened the gate, allowing the team of 30 people to enter the prison. After entering through the gate, they kept walking to the depths of the prison. Soon, they reached the deepest parts of the underground prison. Suddenly, there was a power outage in this area. Seeing that the power was cut off, the soldiers at the door immediately instructed, “Go check the electrical switch.” Meanwhile, inside the prison... Most of the 30 members were passed out on the ground. Several figures moved swiftly in the darkness. They soon reached Blake’s cell and took out a key to open the iron door. For the past few days, Blake had been waiting in his cell. Although he was imprisoned, he had already bribed members of the Red Flame army, and people were constantly feeding him news from the outside. Blake knew that James was tried and was still alive. Thus, he had been patiently waiting for James to rescue him. Seeing the soldiers in Red Flame robes, he knew James had come for him. “Eat it.” One of the soldiers took out a pill. Blake did not hesitate and immediately ate it. After he had taken the pill, the soldier untied the chains binding his limbs and whispered,” Let’s go. Follow closely.”