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The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 733 James deliberately met with the Emperor to test the waters.

The Emperor had a strong reaction to his words. James had a conjecture about the Emperor's motives. He must have a close relationship with the Gu raisers. Additionally, there was a secret research facility in Cansington, Lily City. Even Jake's intelligence network was unable to penetrate it. James had a rough guess that this research facility was related to parasitic venom. “Let's look around,” James instructed Quincy. “Okay.” Quincy nodded and pushed James to look around the city. The Emperor got into the vehicle, and the driver immediately drove off. He sat in the back row with a grim expression. He never expected James to be so sharp and piece the puzzle together just by being poisoned. This was a hundred years ago history that was long forgotten. Most who knew about those secrets were long dead. How was it possible for Jarnes to find out? James was already a crippled man. Still, James’ unexpected visit made him at his wit’s end again. He concluded that creating an opportunity to kill Jaines and rid himself of future trouble was necessary. Meanwhile, James knew that he would arouse the Emperor’s murderous intentions against him with this visit, putting himself in danger. However, he still wanted to come to confirm his conjectures. He could devise countermeasures if he could grasp the Emperor's niotives. Quincy pushed James around Emperor's Mansion’s vicinity. Meanwhile, James was deep in thought. The Emperor won't be able to execute such an extensive plan alone. “The world will be turned upside down if the plan is successful.” James had a feeling that someone else was behind the Emperor. In other words, the Emperor had powerful accomplices. He thought hard but was suddenly hit with a buzzing in his head. Feeling the discomfort, he rubbed his temples. “Are you thinking about something again?” Pushing him from behind, Quincy reprimanded him, “I've already told you that the virus in your body is unprecedented. Don't move unless absolutely necessary. You're not allowed to move your body. Don’t even use your brain!” The more active your brain cells, the faster the virus will invade your brain.” “Alright.” James massaged his templed and nodded lightly. Then, he instructed, “There’s nothing much to do here. I'm a little tired. Let’s head back. I want to hit the sack.” “Okay.” Quincy pushed James away. Soon, they arrived back at the hotel. James was lying in bed like a log. Quincy was worried that he had overexerted himself, so she continued massaging him. James did not stop her. Instead, he closed his eyes and enjoyed it. It did not take long before he fell asleep. After ensuring that he was slumbering, Quincy stopped the massage. She sat beside the bed and quietly looked at James. His current appearance was completely different from before. In the past, he looked lazy but was full of energy. Now, he looked tired even when asleep. Seeing James’ pale and exhausted appearance, Quincy’s heart ached, and she could not help but reach out her hand to touch his face. However, she held herself back, knowing that James’ was incredibly sensitive and it would wake him up. “Perhaps this is the only way I can stay by your side. I wonder if I'll still have the chance to be the one behind you after your affairs in the Capital are over. You'd probably go to Thea again,” Quincy murmured. James was exhausted and was out for the count. He slept until noon and woke up because of hunger. Quincy understood his current condition well and prepared food for him in advance. As soon as he woke up, he could smell the fragrant food. “You're up? The food is already here.” James moved his body and propped himself up on the bed. He looked at Quincy sitting beside him, and a smile formed on his pale face. “You're so considerate. I'd probably starve if you left. I'm lucky you came back.” “[just haven't found a job yet and decided to temporarily take care of you for a few days.” Quincy's face blushed red. Her heart pounded rapidly. ‘Is this what it feels like to be in love? Quincy was questioning whether she was in love. James got up, sat on the edge of the bed, and picked up the utensils on the table to eat.