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The Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade

Chapter 21

Charlie Wade slowly stood as everyone wheezed in disbelief. In an instant, the gaze of the entire banquet hall focused on him. ” Charlie Wade, what are you doing! Take a seat!” Elaine Ma squealed in horror. Didn’t he look at where he was at currently! None of the terrifying employers attempted to stand up at a minute like this, yet what did this loser aim to take the spotlight right now! Gerald as well as Kevin exchanged glimpses and also murmured, “D * mn, is he actually the chairman of Emgrand Group?” Right away afterwards, they shook their head seriously. No other way, if he were actually the chairman, exactly how could he be scolded by his mother-in-law now? ” Loser, what do you think you’re doing? Take a seat!” Harold Shouted in an upset tone on the stage. Charlie Wade glared at him coldly. How did Charlie Wade, the loser of the Wilson family members, know her? After speaking, disregarding the curious gazes once more, Charlie Wade stepped out of the hall to look for Claire Wilson Wilson. As for Doris, she stood up, took the stage and also the microphone, as well as began as everybody looked blankly at her. “Hi, I’m Doris Youthful. Mr. Charlie Wade ran across our chairman outside the hall previously and also our chairman passed me a message via him

She dashed towards Doris as well as prompted, “Miss Young, What do you mean by that? Why the unexpected decision? Did we do something wrong?”. She welcomed all the esteemed managers as well as visitors ahead to the banquet tonight, wishing to increase their reputation in Aurouss Hilll. If the news of the termination of the project was done in such a place, the Wilson family would be detested and trampled in culture! Doris claimed strongly, “Initially, this cooperation was developed as a result of our chairman’s recognition of Miss Claire Wilson Wilson

. Out of no place, you took it upon on your own to appoint some average Joe to be in charge of the project! Sorry, we can not accept such a ludicrous setup!”. After that, Doris went down the microphone as well as strolled out of the hall. Lady Wilson bent on the phase, her face as light as a sheet of paper. If only she knew they would finish up like this, she would not have traded Claire Wilson Wilson’s area with Harold as the supervisor even if somebody held her at gunpoint! He went to his grandmother and also asked seriously,” Granny, the visit of the supervisor has been introduced, you will not regret your choice, right?”. Lady Wilson struggled to her feet. She increased her hand and provided him a slap in the face while scolding furiously, “You bastard! How could you still think of the placement at once like this! Rush, come with me and also allow’s discover Claire Wilson right now!”