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The Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade

Chapter 144

After Oliver heard the doctor's words, his heart trembled. Whatever happened, he was ready to accept the consequences of Jessica's memory recovery. No one wanted to live in chaos forever. Since Jessica's memory would be restored sooner or later, he had to let nature take its course. Who was I? Where did I come from? Where was I going? He did not forbid Jessica from thinking about these questions. Jessica lay on the bed, trying to piece together her fragmentary memories. However, the harder she tried, the more confused she was. Finally, she fell asleep. When Oliver was free, he turned on his computer and checked the company's stock prices. Fortunately, Carl helped him keep an eye on the stock market every day and had stock trading at the critical moment. Otherwise, the company's top management would have been in a mess when he wasn't in Birmingham. After a while, his mind shifted away from the company. He frowned and thought about various possible consequences and what he would do if Jessica regained her memory. He became nervous. When she was in Lambola City, Oliver arranged with Simon about sending his black card with unlimited credit and the key to the house to Jessica, but Jessica didn't take them and just put them on the table in their bedroom. He knew her stubbornness. Oliver called his lawyer, David, who used to be his personal lawyer and was later sent to the Williams Group in Holland as a legal adviser. He asked David to prepare the documents for his overseas properties and other assets and asked him to come over tomorrow to discuss transferring these to Jessica. Early the next morning, Jessica asked, "What are our plans for today?" "We're not going out today. I'm waiting for a guest. " "Do you need me here? If not, I'll go out and play on my own. " Jessica wanted to go out for a walk alone, trying to experience the feeling she had yesterday. If she had been here, she would definitely find some clues somewhere else. Oliver looked at the time. "Okay, I'll have some bodyguards follow you. Take care. " Jessica then changed her clothes and went downstairs, but there was a bodyguard following her, which made her a little uncomfortable. She had stayed in too many hotels, and the lobbies of those hotels were basically the same. Thus, even if she felt that the lobby seemed familiar, she did not take it to heart. Jessica left the hotel and walked along the path by the canal. As she walked, the image of herself crying loudly appeared in her mind. The image became clearer and clearer, and the heart-wrenching cry was so clear that she could feel her heartbreak at that time

" Oliver compressed his lips and his smile froze a little. "I'm afraid that if some accidents happen in the future or if I can't take care of you, you can still have some support. " Jessica raised her hand to cover his mouth

. "Stop saying that. " "I'm taking precautions. I'm not pessimistic. " Jessica came out to look at the documents, and she didn't dare to sign them randomly, because she couldn't fully understand Oliver's intentions. In the end, David made a wasted trip. In the evening, the subsidiary technology company of the Williams Group had serious data vulnerabilities due to technical problems, causing a huge loss to the Williams Group. Oliver knew this soon. He had to go to the company to see what was going on. Oliver wanted to go alone, but Jessica insisted on going with him because it was a little late. Finally, the driver drove them, followed by a car for bodyguards, to the subsidiary technology company of the Williams Group. The company was in Delft, more than an hour's drive from Amsterdam. Just as the car was about to enter Delft, roadblocks suddenly appeared in front of them. There were very few cars on the highway in the Netherlands. Oliver couldn't help but be vigilant when there were roadblocks halfway. Just as the driver opened the door and was about to get out of the car, Oliver suddenly heard the sound of gunshots. Oliver immediately pulled Jessica under him and crawled on the seat. Jessica didn't know what happened just now, but when she saw Oliver's behavior, she knew that something was wrong. She didn't expect the plots that she often saw on TV to happen in reality. They were attacked by gunslingers. The bodyguards' car behind them quickly came alongside to cover them from leaving. Jessica trembled with fear. Fortunately, the driver reacted nimbly and did not get hurt. He drove the car away immediately. As soon as Oliver arrived in the Netherlands, he hired the best local bodyguards in case they met accidents. They didn't expect this to happen tonight. The bodyguards started a gunfight with the people who lurked. Jessica was so scared that she felt she had fallen cold. She nestled in Oliver's arms and felt his warmth