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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Chapter 2138

Chapter 2138 Her Arrogance Sean attracted everyone’s attention. Some gazes were envious, while some were restrained or respectful. However, they all had one thing in common, which was fear.The crowd consciously made way for Sean. Sean did not greet anyone and walked to the back. Tate, who was dressed more formally than usual, walked toward Sean and nodded at the couple. "Boss, the old master is waiting for you inside." Sean nodded and walked inside holding Yvette’s hand. Yvette was not curious about this "old master" and thought that he was most likely a mafia boss. The more Yvette knew, the more danger she would be in. However, she was forced to know who the old master was at that moment. Yvette did not want others to see that she was nervous, so she might as well keep acting calm.She kept a faint smile on her face and followed Sean. Behind the divider was a spacious and luxurious lounge. After they went in, an authoritative old man with a head of white hair and a white beard was sitting in the center.His smile was more terrifying than his straight face.He looked so intimidating that a stern look from him could render one speechless. The old man was wearing a white satin suit, and he was holding a white jade pendant. When he saw them come in, his expression visibly turned graver and colder. The room instantly turned cold and gloomy, so much so that Yvette could feel the chills all over her body. That was because Yvette had never been in such a situation. Sean was very calm as he walked over, smiled, and bowed respectfully. "Happy birthday, Old Master." The old master looked at Sean with some appreciation and nodded with satisfaction. "Sean, you haven't visited me in a while.I heard that it’s because of a woman?" Sean smiled naturally and took Yvette’s hand. "My apologies, Old Master.This is Yvette." Yvette stood there motionless.She would never bow to a criminal or wish him a happy birthday. Yvette had been pampered all her life, so she was inherently arrogant and would not easily get scared or bow to anyone. Sean seemed a little surprised by Yvette’s reaction. However, he quickly smiled and did not ask her to do anything else.He just looked at the old man and nodded apologetically. "Old Master, she doesn’t know much, so please don’t blame her." The old man looked at Yvette for a few seconds with such a complex gaze that others could not decipher its meaning. The cold and stiff expression on his face was indescribable. Everyone thought the old master was angry, especially Mr.Cash, who was there to watch a good show. Mr.Cash said with a smile, "The old master has seen everything.Sean, you're still too young.If you don’t know how to train that woman, you should leave her with the old master..." Sean's expression changed slightly. Before he could speak, the old master yelled at Mr.Cash. "Shut the hell up!" Mr.Cash’s expression changed, and he stood up immediately. "Old Master, I..." He did not expect the old master to react so strongly to his remarks. In the eyes of others, this was a show of the old master’s increasing favoritism toward Sean. Sean was also a little surprised, but he quickly regained his senses.He looked at the old man and said with a smile, "Old Master, don’t get mad. You know what Mr.Cash is like.He probably didn’t mean it." The old master retracted his gaze with a livid expression and glanced at Sean meaningfully. "I'm glad you're here.Otherwise, our business will be dragged down by this group of idiots!" "Old Master...” Mr.Cash was not young, and he was usually quite well-respected. However, since Mr.Cash repeatedly made mistakes and was almost arrested, the old master refused to trust him anymore. The old master rescinded Mr.Cash’s power and gave it to Sean. How could Mr.Cash not hate Sean? At times, Mr.Cash suspected that his series of mistakes was due to Sean’s schemes. Mr.Cash glared at Sean angrily. Sean looked at the old master blankly and smiled. "Old Master, you were so generous to give me the opportunity to start over in life. That's why I wanted to introduce you to the woman I longed for as soon as I got her back." The old master glanced at Yvette, who wore an exquisite dress and had a full face of makeup. However, that was not enough to hide her pallor.It was obvious that she suffered during the time she was with Sean. Although Yvette’s eyes were still pure and glimmering, the hint of fear in her eyes made her look nervous. The old master smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. "Sean, you've always been prudent.Why are you so high-profile this time? You went to her house and abducted her.The Sheldons aren’t just any ordinary family. They're very prestigious in the central region.Aren’t you afraid that they'll take revenge on you because you put Lance Sheldon in the hospital?" Upon hearing Lance’s name, Yvette felt her temples twitching and her heart clenching. Sean chuckled indifferently. "I wouldn't have done it if I was afraid.Old Master, didn’t you say that I should have whatever I wanted? My first priority was to get my woman back.If Lance is dead, who else will seek revenge from me?" Yvette’s face instantly turned as cold as ice as soon as she heard his words.She could no longer maintain her calm expression, and she loosened her hand that was holding Sean’s arm. Sean did not look at her. He just stared at the old man and said confidently, "Moreover, no one has found me so far, so what should I be afraid of? Worse comes to worst, I'll just throw a female corpse in the river to make them think it’s Yvette." The old master frowned slightly as if he did not agree with what Sean said, but he did not go against Sean.The old man raised his eyes and glanced at Yvette. That gaze was neither lecherous nor affectionate. It was just so calm. "Sean, send her back." The old master’s voice was resounding. Even Yvette was shocked.She looked up at the old man in disbelief. The old master concealed his determination and sternness.He just looked at Sean calmly and commanded him. Sean’s face was cold as he suppressed his emotions. "Old Master, may I ask why?" The old man looked up at him and shot a glance at the crowd. The crowd, including Mr.Cash, was tactful enough to retreat. There was silence in the air. The old master remained quiet for a long time. After a while, he said solemnly, "We've always drawn a clear line in our line of business.Businesspeople like her earn clean money while we make dirty money.Both sides will never cross the line.Yvette is the heiress of Quimbey Corporation and Lance Sheldon’s wife.You've now offended two affluent families at once.Do you know what this entails?" The old man sounded wise, cold, and inexplicably angry. "Sean, you can do whatever you want with an ordinary woman, but you can’t choose her.Now, the Quimbeys and Sheldons have joined forces with the Stantons and Fergusons to start a comprehensive investigation. They’ ve utilized almost every contact and authority in Atlanta.A few of our businesses have also been affected because of this.Sean, you're just playing with fire!"