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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1896

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1896Took the Wrong MedsThe assistant smiled calmly. “Mr. Collins, I haven’t been notified of that arrangement. If there are any personnel changes, the human resource staff will contact you.”Join Telegram Group For Fast Update And Novel QueryMr. Collins’s face was pale, and he left looking defeated.The assistant looked away dully and thought, ‘ Luckily, I’ve been on Yvette’s side!’Lance pulled Yvette back into the office. Yvette’s struggle was futile, so she became a little impatient.Once they were inside, she broke away and rubbed her wrist with one hand.Yvette thought, ‘My poor wrist! It was crushed twice today!’She looked at Lance with dissatisfaction. “What are you doing? Did you take the wrong meds today?”Lance stood there with his fists slightly clenched. He was referring to the business trip to Cali. Yvette’s expression was dull as she raised an eyebrow.“This is a company issue, so it should be discussed in the office. Why should I discuss it with you first? It wasn’t too late to let you know just now.”There was nothing wrong with what she said, but Lance was upset.He felt that something was about to emerge from his chest.“Are you still angry because of Whitney’s appearance? I’ve already made it clear to her…” Yvette interrupted him with a blank face.“Lance, I’m not someone who can’t distinguish between work and personal matters. Your situation with her has nothing to do with me. I’m only going to Cali after careful consideration, so don’t mix it up.”Lance’s face was glum. “Do you know how dangerous it is there? You’ll be gone for six months. Will you be able to stand it?”He was not worried that the mission would fail. Rather, there were too many hidden dangers there. The main cause for those chaotic accounts was the lack of enforced rules there.However, if it involved personal gain, who knew what kind of crazy things those people would be capable of?Lance could not let Yvette bear the risk.Yvette saw that Lance was really angry, so her face softened slightly. She smiled, walked over, pulled his arm, and said in a softer voice, “I know. I’ll be careful. Just think of it as me going over to gain experience. Haven’t you been hoping that I can grow as soon as possible? Isn’t Cali the best opportunity for this?” Lance’s face was solemn, and his eyes were cold. “No, I won’t let you go.”“Ive already decided.”Yvette was firm in her stance.“If I don’t approve of it, you can’t go.” Lance gritted his teeth.Yvette looked at him. “Then I’ll resign.”They were once again at an impasse.It seemed like they had returned to their cold war state like last night.Yvette turned around and left Lance’s office.The people outside were still a little confused. It was clear that the third party, Whitney, was no longer a threat, so why were they quarrelingagain?Yvette sat in her office and calmed down.Not long after, someone knocked on her door and came in.The assistant brought over a cup of her favorite rose tea. “Ms. Quimbey, are you still angry?” Yvette smiled. “What, haven’t you seen enough of this morning’s drama?”She had always gotten along with everyone and did not put on airs.Thus, she could joke with anyone about anything. The assistant was not afraid of Yvette. She was such an easy-going boss compared to Lance.That was because saying a couple of sweet words was enough to cheer her up.“Ms. Quimbey, we’re all on your side! We don’t believe that Mr. Sheldon is that kind of person either. Sigh… You’re just too perfect, Ms. Quimbey. That’s why those women are always jealous of you!”Yvette could not help but laugh.“Alright, stop discussing the past and don’t spread this out, lest it impacts our company’s stock prices.”The assistant paused and immediately looked at Yvette with admiration.“Ms. Quimbey, you always think about the big picture! Most people won’t even think of this! I’ll give the order now.”Yvette was not angry and was even in the mood to joke with him, which meant that she did not have a fall out with Lance.