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The Legendary Man

Chapter 1065

The Eastern Army had never experienced such a large-scale act of insubordination since it was established thirty years ago. All the mortal soldiers, disregarding their lives, returned to the battlefield to defend their assigned positions. Listening to the resounding battle cries of unwavering determination, even the commanders of the Eastern Army could not enforce military discipline to punish them. Behind the front lines, hundreds of thousands of people had begun acting according to plan, preparing for the battle. The command center of the Eastern Allied Army sent orders to all units and subsequently to every soldier. Like a precise machine, the entire army began operating swiftly. Meanwhile, outside Beshya’s frontier, Hayes was consumed by a murderous rage. He sent a werewolf flying with his sword, but before he could take others on, another werewolf struck him head-on. Tossing away his sword, Hayes crossed his arms in front of his chest to protect himself, letting out a howl of agony as the intense pain surged through him. Seconds later, he transformed from a six-foot-tall man into a giant that was about ten-foot-tall. His face contorted, and his clothes were instantly torn apart. Pitch-black hair started growing all over his body. Following a painful howl, Hayes finally completed his transformation, assuming the form of a colossal werewolf. The main reason Hayes had yet to be crowned as one of the Kings of War was he had yet to attain a certain cultivation level. Toward the later stages of Jonathan’s conquest, Hades, Kane, and Zachary advanced to the next cultivation level after engaging in various battles. Karl, in particular, experienced a remarkable breakthrough and ascended to the God Realm due to the talent he had in cultivation. Warriors at that cultivation level not only possessed the ability to suppress their opponents but also commanded the respect and loyalty of others. In addition, they had the ability to safeguard themselves against individuals who might stab them in the back. Nonetheless, Hayes had never delved deep into the Great Pryncyp, even though he was a considerably skilled warrior. Even after becoming the King of Lumonburg and having access to more resources, he had never thought of focusing on his cultivation. In his own words, he was never a man driven by ambition. While attaining the title of one of the Eight Kings of War seemed glamorous, it also meant he would acquire enemies along the way. Hence, he preferred to settle in his own little corner and live as a carefree landowner. However, the situation took a turn when his sister harbored intentions of killing Jonathan

Previously, Hayes had informed everyone that he would use the color red as a signal as he took the lead, paving the way for all. The entire Eastern Army, consisting of a hundred and eighty thousand soldiers, was personally trained by Karl. Karl’s death still weighed heavily on their hearts, even though he had detonated the entire Northern Crimson Prison

. Although the soldiers did not oppose Hayes’ sudden arrival, they still harbored a sense of discontent. After all, he was just someone who had not even made it to the Grandmaster Realm. Who is he to boss us around? Yet, all the soldiers from the Eastern Army were stunned to see the werewolf before their eyes. Hayes did indeed uphold his promise! As the commander of hundreds of thousands of allied forces, Hayes truly fought at the forefront, engaging in fierce combat alongside all the soldiers. At this moment, the soldiers of the Eastern Army rediscovered their long-lost morale. Hayes was the embodiment of their morale. Awoo! Howling, Hayes dropped to all fours, charging straight toward the werewolves ahead. He was so fast that he practically transformed into a dark shadow. Though the enemy werewolf lacked consciousness and self-awareness, he possessed the instinct of a living creature. The intense hostility radiating from Hayes was akin to a compelling force that drove him to retreat. In battles among high-level cultivators, a mere moment of hesitation could mean death, let alone a few seconds. Before the werewolf could react, Hayes lunged at him and pinned him to the ground, dragging him forward in a frenzy. The werewolf relentlessly clawed and scratched at Hayes’ arms, desperately trying to break free. Yet, no matter how he struggled, Hayes did not give him a chance to fight back. After charging forward for several feet, Hayes snapped the werewolf’s neck, smashing his head into his chest cavity. After that, he reached into the werewolf’s chest, retrieving a palm-sized heart from within and clenching it tightly in his hand. All of a sudden, he swallowed the heart right before everyone’s eyes. “Tiger…” Hades, who was observing him from a distance, was stunned. As a Grandmaster Realm cultivator, he knew something was off with Hayes. By depending on external resources to forcibly elevate his cultivation to the Superior Realm, Hayes would experience instability in his cultivation