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The Legendary Man

Chapter 1066

Chanaea’s cultivation methods have been passed down for thousands of years. Although many cultivation methods had disappeared over time, the core framework had been passed down from generation to generation. Regardless of the cultivation methods, the most crucial element was keeping the balance between the Realm and the cultivation level. One’s cultivation level was the precipitation of spiritual energy, which was something external, like a weapon. One’s Realm, on the other hand, was something internal. It was the root of a cultivator, much like a container, governing the internal aspects. To put it simply, one’s cultivation level was like the specifications of a car, while one’s Realm was a person’s driving skill. If one’s driving skill was sufficiently polished, one could easily control the car, and the vehicle would move according to the driver’s will. However, once the car’s specifications exceeded a person’s driving skill, one always had to put an effort to keep the vehicle under control and could never floor the accelerator. If the car moved too quickly, the vehicle would crash, and the driver would perish in the end. At that moment, Hayes had gone astray. Hades could figure that out, but the other cultivators and soldiers couldn’t. Taking in Hayes’ gesture, everyone felt their adrenaline rush. Ancient literature had described warriors of yore feasting on their enemies’ flesh and drinking their blood to celebrate victories. No one could witness those impressive and heart-pounding scenes from the past, but now, everyone saw Hayes’ manic behavior. “Those Remdikian werewolves are only fit to be our commander’s snacks! Did everyone see that? What do we have to fear? Let’s charge!” Hysterical shrieks reverberated in the air as everyone rushed forward in a seemingly frenzy state. Asura’s Office’s hundred-plus werewolf warriors should’ve been at an absolute disadvantage when facing Remdik’s two hundred-plus werewolves. However, how would the situation change if two thousand Superior Realm cultivators, countless low-level cultivators, and ordinary soldiers joined the fray? Tens of thousands of combatants flooded the battlefield instantaneously, like water gushing out from a broken dam. The Remdikian werewolves wouldn’t have taken one or two low-level cultivators seriously. Still, those Chanaean soldiers had been invigorated and motivated by Hayes’ action to the point of almost losing their sanity. Those Superior Realm cultivators even disregarded their own lives and sprinted toward the werewolves with grenades in their hands. They were planning on sacrificing themselves and taking their enemies down with them. Those Chanaeans had gone crazy

The spiritual energy released from his hands turned into Spirit Armor as he launched himself forward like a tank. Instantaneously, Hades, Hayes, and over twenty werewolf warriors collided with the Remdikian werewolf squad. Hades and Hayes were strong, but they were outnumbered

. After a few exchanges of blows, they were knocked out of the battle. The remaining werewolves continued to fight even when they were gravely injured because they received the command to fight to the death and never retreat. Ultimately, demise was the only inevitable fate that awaited them. Ten Remdikian Beta Warriors stayed behind to hold off Hades and the others while the remaining twenty charged directly into Eastern Allied Army’s northern defense line. Countless gunshots, curses, and agonized screams erupted. Those armored werewolves plowed ahead like unstoppable tanks. Although both sides had been fighting, those armored werewolves had been hiding behind the Remdikian Alpha Warriors, conserving their strength. They were the core players of Remdik’s plan this time. An armored werewolf leaped over an anti-aircraft turret, casually dropping a silver device that resembled a barrel. Before the members of the Eastern Army could react, they saw the silver device explode. A buzz rang out as a strange shockwave passed through everyone’s bodies. Those who were hit felt their bodies shudder slightly. Many of them even started to feel lightheaded and vomited. However, that was the mere extent of the harm. When they came to their senses, they looked at their hands and noticed no other injuries. Aside from feeling a little dizzy, they were still alive and well. What are the Remdikians up to? Everyone exchanged glances and watched those werewolves retreating at incredible speed toward the rear of the Eastern Allied Army. The Remdikian werewolves continuously tossed numerous silver devices on the battlefield, causing a series of humming sounds. However, aside from that, those werewolf warriors didn’t kill a single Chanaean soldier other than those who stood in their way. The battle situation was taking a bizarre turn