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The Legendary Man

Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Whoosh! As the rocket soared toward the Welsh family, a trail of white smoke followed in its wake. Without hesitation, Maxton raised his hand, and a palm imbued with the Pryncyp of Strength materialized in midair. With a flick of his wrist, he effortlessly slapped the rocket away as though it were a mere fly. Boom! Suddenly, a deafening explosion split through the air, leaving everyone's ears ringing. Jonathan's decision to use a technological weapon in a fight between cultivators. had given those present a new perspective. Caleb couldn't help but murmur to himself, “Has Jonathan always been so shameless?” Meanwhile, on the hill, Jonathan calmly reloaded his shoulder-mounted rocket launcher and retrieved two more from his storage ring, handing them to Joshua and Hayden. In a few moments, the trio was aiming their shoulder-mounted rocket launcher in the direction of the Welsh family's base camp. “‘D*mn you motherf*ckers!" Morris finally lost it and cried out, “Jonathan, put the rocket launcher down and fight us one-on-one if you're a man!" “Why should I fight you?" Jonathan chuckled, staring at Morris as if he was an idiot: “Your family started this, not us. We were minding our business when you attacked us with the Pryncyp of Strength. What? Do you think you can bully me now that you can't lay a finger on the Leeson family? I'm telling you, you're making a big mistake. I'll get back at you for what you did. I will end you even if it means using up all my Kores and vitality. And since I won't have the chance to enter the Divine Realm anymore, I’m taking anyone who dares mess with me down, regardless of who they are!” Whoosh! Jonathan pulled the trigger as he spoke, while Joshua and Hayden followed suit. Maxton was forced to defend the base camp once again as the three rockets soared toward the Welsh family. The Pryncyp of Strength deflected the three rockets into the air, and they exploded in the night sky like fireworks. ‘Jonathan, are you f*cking done yet?” Morris roared and was about to charge toward Jonathan. However, just as he was about to bolt after gathering spiritual energy, an unseen force held him back. He turned around and saw that it was Maxton standing behind him. “Mr

When Maxton tested him with the Pryncyp of Strength, Jonathan almost resorted to using Earthly Escape to get out of the place. After all, he knew he would have been crushed if he had given himself away during the test Even now, he could still sense a dozen more spiritual senses targeting and examining him, which made him hold his breath and maintain his facade. A wise man once said that if a person wanted to pretend to be something they were not, they must keep up with their act until the very end

. Jonathan felt like he was walking on a tightrope on the edge of a cliff, where the slightest sign of fear could lead to his death. Meanwhile, Joshua was lost in thought as he observed Jonathan, who was visibly frustrated. Although he wasn't sure if Jonathan had a trump card up his sleeve, he was certain that it wouldn't be wise to rely entirely on Jonathan. a fake Divine Realm cultivator. As a result, he started to absorb the energy around him with the Troop Summoner in hand. preparing himself for battle As the valley returned to its former peace, the cultivators present began to grow restless due to the argument that had just occurred The tension stemmed from both the animosity between the respectable families and the increasingly dispersed spiritual energy within the valley, It was evident that the energy-locking formation of the Leeson family could no longer contain all the spiritual energy within the chaos portal of the small world. “Ashton, open the arcane array. ” Yeah, only the Mallory family is left. We've waited long enough for their arrival. ” “Are you Leesons working with the Mallory family? Did the Mallory family agree to buy time for the Leeson family while Quintus searches for treasures inside the small world?” The crowd started to question the Leeson family. The temptation of the small world was too great for the cultivators present to resist any longer, and they prepared themselves to take action “Ashton, I'm afraid these people will force their way in if this carries on,” Winston turned to Ashton and said wortiedly. Ashton slowly stood up from his seat. “Please be patient, everyone. The Mallory family will join us shortly!" They'll be joining us shortly? Confused murmurs echoed through the crowd, but suddenly, someone shouted and pointed toward the horizon. “Look in the southwest direction!” All eyes turned toward the direction where the man was pointing, and they all saw a bright shimmering light approaching them with great speed through the dark sky. The Mallory family had finally arrived