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The Life of A Billionaire’s Wife

Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Breakfast for Him Veronica sat next to Matthew and he held up a glass of wine. Then, he sat there enjoying the wine. The time ticked by gradually and they sat there enjoying their red wines. Meanwhile, Veronica continued to watch the reality TV show and it didn’t take much to trigger a laugh from her. She laughed out loud from time to time, and she seemed to be in high spirits and she patted Matthew on the shoulders. “Look at them! Ha! This is too funny! That man’s too silly. ” “Oh—I can’t stand this! This is so funny. My tummy aches so much from laughing too much!” “The ice needs to be kept warm and using a blanket to wrap it up will only make it melt. Oh my gosh! Doesn’t he have any common sense? This is too funny and cute!” The huge condominium was generally quiet when Matthew was by himself and it was to the extent that one would not be able to sense any presence of a living person. However, Veronica’s presence gave him a feeling that he had never ever experienced. He was very engrossed in this homely sensation filled with so much joy and laughter, which was completely devoid of all the silence and coldness from before. Just then, Matthew glanced at a giggling Veronica, who seemed to have lowered her guard around him. The happiness she experienced was very infectious and he found himself quite relaxed and happy too. After quite some time, she finally fell asleep and she dozed off on the couch. She looked quite cute and she resembled a naughty little girl who had just nodded off on the couch. Meanwhile, Matthew held up the wine glass and downed the entire glass before placing it down. Subsequently, he walked toward her and lifted his hand, wanting to gently stroke her cheek. However, he suddenly recalled the guarded look in her eyes in the elevator and in the end, he merely took her into his arms to send her into the guest room. Matthew leaned forward and gently placed her down on the soft bed but before he could move into a standing position, Veronica suddenly placed both of her hands around his neck and hugged him. At that point, he couldn’t move a limb. Just then, he frowned and tried to move, but she ended up hugging him tighter than ever as she grunted. “You’re so annoying,” she muttered. “Stop moving. ” As such, he couldn’t bear to push her aside so he lay down next to her. The soft bed sagged under Matthew’s weight and Veronica suddenly sensed that there was something she could lean on next to her. In her mind, she thought that it was the huge teddy bear she had at home, so she instantly lifted her feet to place them over it. Furthermore, she couldn’t control herself and she nuzzled her face against Matthew’s chest. Then, she found a comfortable position before falling into a deep slumber. Just then, Veronica slept really well but Matthew found himself in an extremely uncomfortable position. At that moment, there was a warm, soft body in his arms and the fresh scent of her shampoo filled his nostrils. He could smell the distinct scent of her body and it triggered his senses, so it was pure torture for him as he found it quite tormenting. Finally, Matthew could no longer contain himself so he pushed her aside and attempted to leave the room

Besides, he had the perfect height and he fit the description of the domineering president generally found in comic books. Each move he made and every word he spoke exuded the aura of a top model. Although Veronica disliked Matthew or to be precise, loathed that despicable guy, she couldn’t quite stop herself from being momentarily stunned by his attractiveness

. “You’re such a massive bloke but how come you didn’t make a sound at all when you walked over here? Did you float toward me?” She snorted lightly and pointed toward the dining room. “I went downstairs to have some breakfast earlier so I got you something too. ” After she had said that, she headed toward the study room. “Can I use your computer? Can I download some online games?” Matthew hummed in affirmation. “I’ll go ahead and download some games, then. ” Perhaps it was because Veronica had failed multiple times in her plan, so she no longer seemed as excited as before. On the contrary, she seemed to be quite dispirited and she was no longer as motivated as she was during her working hours. In the end, she made her way into the study room and turned on his computer to download some games. Meanwhile, Matthew walked toward the dining room and saw the noodles on the table. The noodles, which were initially covered in sauce, had dried up and it was all clumped together. By the side of it, there seemed to be something that resembled a takeaway cup. Just then, Matthew glanced at the plastic cup that was slightly dented and he frowned upon seeing the childish design on the plastic seal. He took out a straw from the plastic bag and poked through the seal to take a sip. Initially, he had thought that it was some dubious plain milk, but he realized that the smell reminded him of soy milk. In all honesty, it was more like a sugary drink. He frowned and glanced at the item in his hand as he became lost in thought. “What are you looking at?” Veronica had some spare time because the game required some time to be downloaded, so she had walked out of the study room. At that point, she noticed Matthew staring at the soy milk with a glazed look in his eyes. “What’s this?” he asked. “It’s soy milk. A cup cost me two. ” “Are you sure that this isn’t just some sugary drink?” The packaging was not only of poor quality but there was only the slightest taste of soy in the drink. It tasted mostly of sugar water. “What’s wrong with it? Inflation has caused food prices to skyrocket over time, so the soy milk is much more diluted I guess,” Veronica commented in a resigned tone. Meanwhile, Matthew nodded his head intently and started to eat the noodles. At that moment, he took a scoop of the dry-looking noodles and tried a bite, but he found it quite inedible. “Do you usually consume such inedible food?” “Pfft!”