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The Life of A Billionaire’s Wife

Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Clueless Matthew Just then, Veronica tried to contain her laughter. “Matthew, don’t tell me that you’ve never tried such noodles before in all your life? You have to mix it up before eating it. If you don’t, I’m afraid there won’t be any taste. ” She was in high spirits so she suddenly felt that his current behavior was exceptionally comical. In short, he was her source of entertainment for today. “I don’t usually eat this,” Matthew replied with a sincere expression and he didn’t lie to her at all. Upon hearing that, Veronica frowned and shook her head. “You’re not a regular human being. ” She walked forward and reached out to grab the cutlery from his hands before mixing the noodles. After she had mixed the sauce and the noodles evenly, she finally handed over the cutlery to him. “Try this again. ” And so, Matthew took the cutlery and glanced at her before scooping another portion to take a bite. The first mouthful tasted mediocre. Then, the next mouthful was acceptable. Subsequently, he tried it a third time. “Not bad,” he commented while scooping some more noodles to taste them. Matthew’s table manners were impeccable and he ate refinedly while chewing each mouthful slowly. He ate the bowl of noodles as if he was eating a three-course meal in a fine dining restaurant. Throughout, he behaved very refined and elegantly, and it was quite a pleasure to watch him eat. Meanwhile, Veronica sat across the table from him and she stared at him unblinkingly as he ate. Matthew, on the other hand, continued to enjoy the noodles while glancing at her. Suddenly, an inexplicable feeling rose within him and he felt as if he was already married to a pretty little wife, who specifically prepared breakfast for him and then sat there watching him eat. The scene in his mind was warm, peaceful, and lovely. The current sensation dissipated quite shortly but somehow, he yearned for it to linger on. In no time, Matthew finished his breakfast. As for Veronica, she suddenly smacked the table and placed a piece of paper in front of him. “Here you go. Please settle the bill. ” Written on the A4-sized paper were the words, ‘Large noodles—eight; fresh soy milk—two; delivery cost—ninety. Total—one hundred. ’ Although the large portion of noodles didn’t cost that much, Veronica had the makings of a cunning businessperson. “Boss, I know that you don’t have cash but it’s fine because it can go on your tab. Here—” She then handed a pen to him. “—sign on this. ” “Where did you order this from? Why are the delivery charges so expensive?” Matthew took the A4 sheet from her as he questioned her. “Well, of course it would be slightly different. I’m your sister and I’m Grandma’s god granddaughter, so my net worth has increased leaps and bounds, no? If it was in the past then I could charge you less but right now, I’m part of the Kingses so charging too little for running this errand for you would definitely reflect badly on the family reputation. ” Veronica said this with a serious expression and her words sounded quite reasonable too

By the way, we were too busy for the past two days so I didn’t get a chance to ask you, but where’s Yvonne?” Veronica had been quite busy ever since arriving back, so she had completely forgotten about Yvonne. “She left after coming back to Bloomstead. ” “Oh—okay

. Is there anything else? If not, then I’ll get off the line now. ” “You—” Beep! Beep! Beep! Just then, Matthew was significantly speechless and his expression darkened as he gripped his phone tightly. This annoying woman! Suddenly, Matthew’s cell phone rang. It was from Tiffany, so he answered the phone. “Have you eaten, Matthew?” Tiffany’s gentle voice rang out from the other end. She looked exactly the same as Veronica, and their only difference was their voices. Tiffany was gentle and soft-spoken, but Veronica’s voice was more melodious. Both of them had starkly different tones of voice. “No. ” He didn’t bother to say much. “I haven’t had anything to eat either. Do you want to join me for lunch, Matthew?” … After five minutes, Veronica managed to end the game by winning the battle, so she gathered her belongings and left the condominium before walking out from the lobby of the Twilight Club. She took a cab to the One Piece Restaurant and waited at the entrance for quite some time before finally seeing Xavier. Half a month had gone by and this was the first time that Veronica had seen Xavier since. She noticed that he had gotten significantly thinner and darker than before. Nonetheless, his tan seemed to make him look much more mature. “Hi! It’s been so long since we last met. ” Veronica walked toward him and greeted him. As soon as Xavier saw her safe and sound as she stood in front of him, he walked up to her and instantly enveloped her in a bear hug. “Roni! Where have you been all this while? Did you even realize how worried I was the whole time?” Ever since the demise of Xavier’s mom, he had no longer experienced the sensation of being worried about someone else but after getting to know Veronica for such a long time, he realized that he’d gradually fallen in love with her straightforward and blunt personality. Her disappearance for such a long time had undeniably been a tormenting period for him. At the moment, Xavier pulled her into a tight hug and he used all of his might to do that. “I’m glad that you’re safe and sound. I’m so, so glad. ” “Xavier, let go of me. This is too suffocating. ” On the other hand, Veronica didn’t expect Xavier to react this way and she felt a warm, fuzzy feeling well up within her as she was quite touched by his reaction. As soon as he heard her exclamation, he immediately released her from his tight grip and he revealed a wide, beaming smile on his handsome face. “I was just too happy! Are you alright?” “I’m fine. Everything’s alright. I’m safe for now. ” She waved her hands at him and teased, “But if you had exerted more pressure then I would perhaps be on my way to heaven already. ” At that point, Xavier finally relaxed and felt at ease upon hearing Veronica cracking a joke. After all, he had seen with his own eyes that she was perfectly fine, so that was sufficient for him