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The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon

Chapter 74 Pay Raise

‘Mr. Reyes... Can you say it again?" Brea thought she heard it wrong, so she asked Tyson to repeat what he said. "T've decided to double Celia's salary. And you don't need to pay part of it. The company will pay her full salary. Do you understand?" Tyson replied. get it, Mr. Reyes. Very clear.” Brea was so excited that she couldn't help asking, "Mr. Reyes, do you also like Cece's talent for design?" Tyson frowned when he saw her almost jump with joy. ‘Is she really the female star who dominated the audience on the red carpet? he thought. /es. Semshy Group should reward and motivate true talents,” Tyson explained coldly. Brea was very happy that her decision was approved by the CEO. For the first time, she realized that he was also reasonable. At this moment, she seemed to see a halo around his head, making him look like an angel descending from heaven. She even ran up to him and patted him on the shoulder. "Mr. Reyes, you're good at seeing through a talent. Great minds think the same.” But she was suddenly frightened by Tyson's cold gaze. Her good impression of him instantly dropped to the bottom Brea withdrew her hand, smiled awkwardly, and said, "T'll share this good news with Cece later. Mr. Reyes, don't you really want to meet her? She is actually outside now.” Tyson refused directly, "No need. And I don't plan to see her even in the future.” Brea couldn't help giving him a curious look. She was about to say something, but she swallowed her words back. Tyson, which was also Nolan in Semshy Group had always been mysterious all these years. He didn't attend any parties or even big events. Even in the company, only a few people had seen him. But she thought that maybe he just had a weird personality, and he didn't like dealing with people. So she didn't ask any more questions. Tyson added, "You have to keep Celia's salary confidential. No one should know about it.” "I understand," Brea replied with a nod. Iso, take good care of her. She's a new employee, so if she has any difficulties, let me know immediately.” Although Brea didn't understand why Tyson cared so much about Celia, she still promised, "Don't worry, Mr. Reyes. I was the one who hired Celia, so I must protect her. Tyson looked satisfied after hearing her answer. They talked about work for a while, then he let her leave While listening to his instructions, Brea got so bored that she felt sleepy. It was only when she walked out of his office that she realized they didn't really talk about something important. Although he said a lot of things seriously, for her, those were nonsense. It seemed that his main purpose was to only inform her that Celia’s salary must be increased. Brea was confused. Was this iceberg starting to melt? Why was he paying so much attention to Celia? She couldn't remember a time he had done this to any of his employees before. If Celia wasn't married, Brea would really matchmake them She was still muttering when Celia walked up to her and said with a smile, "Brea, you finally came out. What did the CEO say to you?" Celia had been waiting outside Tyson's office for a long time. She was curious about what he had to say to Brea that it took Brea a long time to come out.