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The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 717: Abuse

Brandon didn't let Janet go until she could stand steadily. Then he strode forward, grabbed Jorge by the shoulders, and then threw him to the ground with astonishing force. "What the—?! Who the fuck are you?” Jorge cursed crazily. "Mind your own fucking business!" "Oh, fuck off!” Brandon frowned tightly, looking down at the despicable man on the ground.He didn't want to waste his breath on scum like Jorge at all. He started unbuttoning his cuffs, getting ready to beat him up. Jorge was so frightened that he curled into a ball and covered his head ina hurry. The man in front of him had such a domineering aura about him.He didn't know who he was, but more importantly, Brandon was much taller and stronger than him.He didn't stand a chance. "Don't come any closer! Or else I'll call the police!" Brandon looked at Jorge, who was curled into a ball on the ground.Fighting with such a jerk would only dirty his hands.So Brandon left him with a warning. "You'd better not show your face in front of me again." Jorge didn't dare to say anything more. Looking into Brandon's frighteningly cold eyes, he nodded, jumped to his feet, and hurriedly ran away. Janet was still surprised to see Brandon here.She had told him that she would go home by herself. When Jorge disappeared around the corner, Brandon then looked at Janet and said gently, "I promised you that I'd come pick you up." Fortunately, he upheld his promise. Brandon didn't expect that Janet would encounter danger at a dinner. He looked at Draco, who was standing aside, and said in an unfriendly tone, "If you have dinner together again, go to someplace safe next time."vaveleBook. ¢om Although he felt uncomfortable, Draco kept calm on the surface and said, "I'll handle it. Thanks for the concern, Mr.Larson." Brandon pursed his lips.He found that he didn't like Janet's boss. Call it a man’s instinct.He continued in a low voice, "This is my wife's safety we're talking about.Of course I'm concerned." Draco's expression darkened Janet grabbed Brandon's arm and tugged at it urgently. Why the hell was he acting so strange here? Finally, Brandon got the hint and stopped talking Janet was still worried about the drunk Elizabeth, so she decided to make her sleep at their house for the night. As soon as she helped Elizabeth to the sofa, she heard her groan in pain. Confused, Janet rolled up her sleeve and found that there were many bruises on her arm. Obviously, Jorge had physically abused her. "That jerk!" she muttered under her breath. Furious, she applied ointment onto Elizabeth's injuries When Elizabeth woke up the next day, she had a splitting headache.She found herself in an unfamiliar guest room. That was when she vaguely recalled the events of the previous night.She slowly made her way downstairs. Both Janet and Brandon were having breakfast in the dining room “Look who's awake! Come and have some breakfast before you leave, Janet said to her brightly. With her coat in her hands, Elizabeth bowed to them politely and was about to leave.She felt so humiliated after recalling what had happened last night.She just wanted to leave as soon as possible.Seeing the pained expression on Elizabeth's face, Janet stood up and stopped her.She sighed heavily. “Elizabeth, I know it's your life. But I see you as a good friend of mine.Even if you might hate me for saying this, I have to tell you that Jorge is a jerk and you should break up with him." Brandon, who was chewing on a sandwich, chimed in, "I've seen a lot of men like him.He won't let go that easily.” “Thanks for the advice, but I can handle it myself," Elizabeth said in a low voice, averting her gaze. Janet didn't know what she was really thinking After she left, Brandon tried to comfort Janet “There's nothing we can do.Only she can help herself at this point." Looking in the direction Elizabeth had left, Janet simply sighed.She didn't know what else to say. Just then, her phone screen lit up.It was a message from Charis's former assistant, Allie, whom she had contacted before Janet was a little surprised.She tried calling Allie a week ago and thought that she wouldn't reply. What made her change her mind?