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The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 47: An Awkward Dinner

Janet's head started to pound. It was hard for her to deal with this matter with ease. Normally, she wouldn’t admit that she was married—especially since she had married in Jocelyn’s stead. If people knew that she was married, their little secret would be exposed. Forcing an apologetic smile, she tried to laugh it off and said, "I told Chris just now, didn’t 1?" Ethan snorted but said nothing. The atmosphere among the three seemed to be cold as ice. Janet had no choice but to bite the bullet and lead the way into the restaurant. After we sat down, Christopher excused himself and went to the bathroom to calm himself down He just couldn’t accept the fact that Janet was married out of the blue Ever since he had taken his seat, Ethan hadn't even glanced at Janet. While flipping through the menu, Janet nudged him gently. "Are you mad at me?" The man rested his chin on his hand as he skimmed through the menu. His eyes were cloudy, and he didn’t even look at her when she tried to talk to him. With a small, stiff smile, he replied, "No.Leave me alone." Disappointed, Janet pursed her lips but didn't say anything more. "Did you two order already?" When Christopher returned, he smiled at them politely.He could tell that there was some tension between the couple, but he was still flustered and didn't know what to say. “Not yet.Chris, is there anything in particular that you want to eat?" Janet handed him the menu with a small smile. Throughout the course of the meal, nobody spoke a word. Only Janet and Christopher would occasionally make a comment, only for the conversation to die shortly after. When he was done with his steak, Ethan sank into the back of his chair, giving off a cold aura. Just then, Jocelyn and her friends entered the restaurant. "Wow... Look over there, Jocelyn.Is he a celebrity?” Jocelyn followed the gaze of her friend and found Ethan sitting at a table. He was incredibly handsome, but seemed oblivious to the fact that he had become the center of attention. "Wait.1 know him...” A smug smile appeared on Jocelyn’s face, but then the corners of her mouth dropped when she saw that Ethan was accompanied by both Janet and Christopher. Two handsome men and a beautiful woman were all seated together. The scene was quite eye-catching Jocelyn gritted her teeth with rage. She had once tried to flirt with Christopher, but he immediately rejected her. Janet, on the other hand, always seemed to be surrounded by men.She already had Ethan, but now she even had the audacity to hook up with Christopher. Jocelyn tried to comfort herself, telling herself that Janet was nothing but rubbish Maybe Christopher was with them now because he knew Ethan "Is that so? Introduce us to him! But the gorgeous girl next to him is probably his. girlfriend." "You should see her without makeup.She’s hideous. You look much better than her.Anyway, I'll just go there and say hi. You guys can order ahead." Before waiting for a response from her friends, Jocelyn sauntered over to Janet's table. Janet had been threatening her parents, saying that if they didn’t give her money, she would tell Ethan the secret of her being a substitute. Yet she had the gall to have dinner at such a high-end restaurant. Today, Jocelyn was determined to reveal Janet's hideous true colors in front of Ethan and Christopher. Janet and Christopher were racking their brains for a topic when they suddenly smelled a pungent perfume. "My dear younger sister, you’ve pushed our parents too far.How could you come to such an expensive restaurant for dinner?" Batting her eyelashes piteously, Jocelyn emerged at their table, tears streaming down her face. “Our family is struggling financially, and our parents are bleeding dry.Why can't you think about our family and stop spending so much money? You squander the family funds like this every single day. You're an adult already, but you keep demanding money from our parents.Sooner or later, they'll jump off a building from the pressure!" Jocelyn’s voice wasn’t that loud, but she spoke clearly enough for everyone to hear her. She wept and whined so incessantly that all the guests in the restaurant glanced at their table. Then, the hall was filled with hushed whispers. "Oh, what a scandal!" "How could that girl squander her parents’ money like this? What a parasite! And are those two her toy boys?" “If I had a daughter like her, I would’ve died from anger already.She even has the audacity to date two men at the same time. Young people nowadays really have no shame!" Ethan's handsome face immediately darkened. Christopher lowered his gaze helplessly. This dinner was awkward to begin with. Now, he was even being slandered.