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The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 35: Clarification

Pamela eyed Janet warily.She never would've thought that Janet would dare to make a scene in public. "You lunatic! How dare you record me? I was having a private conversation with a colleague! This is an invasion of my privacy!" She was so anxious that her voice turned shrill As she berated Janet, she tried to grab the phone from her. But Janet acted quick and dodged her advance. Looking at Pamela sharply, she said, "You defamed me first.I'm going to call Mr.Lyman right now.We can confront each other in his presence." Then she strode out of the tea room and went straight to the director's office. She knocked on the door politely and announced, "Mr.Lyman, it's Lind." I snickered, thinking that Janet had come around so soon. “Come in.What’s up?" he asked, feigning a concerned expression. Janet opened the door and smiled slightly. "Mr.Lyman, could you come out here please? There's an emergency you need to deal with.” Was she actually asking him for help? Awesome! I cleared his throat and smiled greasily. “Of course!” He then followed Janet out and found a group of people waiting outside his office. Pamela was among them, looking nervous with eyes darting around and fists clenched tightly. "What happened?” I looked around him in confusion. "Mr.Lyman, somebody here has been spreading a rumor that we have an affair. She even went so far as to tell people that we went to a hotel last night." Janet's voice was calm yet powerful Everyone couldn't help but look at her. As she spoke, she took out her phone and held it up In fact, I's flirtatious hints were borderline harassment, which annoyed Janet.She wanted to put a stop to this, so she took this as an opportunity to make him give up on her. After he listened to the recording, It's expression immediately darkened. Now that Janet had spoken out about him in public, his plan to win her over suddenly seemed II wishful thinking He never thought that Janet, who seemed to be a meek push-over, was actually a tough, capable woman.He had no choice but to snort as though the rumor was completely ridiculous.He cleared his throat loudly and announced, "Everything that was mentioned in the recording is purely unfounded.I had a meeting last night that ran all the way until midnight.If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask my wife to testify? Lind and I are not involved with each other except in matters. regarding work." The crowd immediately burst into whispers now that the rumor was dispelled. Since I even dared to mention his wife, it meant that there was really no affair between him and Janet. With a serious look in his eyes, I pointed at Pamela and frowned deeply. "Since you have so much extra time to gossip, why don’t you focus on work instead? If I hear that a rumor this spreads again, I'm going to report it to the company leader." All the color drained from Pamela’s face.She knew that she was doomed this time. No boss would ever tolerate a subordinate slandering his name. The next day, as soon as Janet arrived at the office, the colleague sitting opposite to her suddenly winked at her. "Did you hear? Pamela was demoted and transferred to an insignificant department." Janet cocked her head to the side slightly. After a short pause, she asked, "Was it Mr.Lyman’s doing?” “Of course! You can't just spread a rumor about your superior.In fact, I think Mr.Lyman actually showed her mercy.At least he didn't fire her.But I have a feeling that Pamela won't be staying with the Larson Group for very long,” the colleague said in a sing -song voice. Janet smiled slightly.She figured that the real reason why I didn’t notify the authorities was because the matter would also smear his name. “Lind, I think you did well.Pamela isn't that capable a worker, but she can get really jealous.She was always stirring up trouble and trying to put her other colleagues down.Now that she's gone, I think our department will be more peaceful." Another colleague handed a little pastry to Janet and patted her on the shoulder. "I support what you did. You were so brave yesterday.” A faint, warm smile pulled at the corners of Janet's lips.