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The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 37: Danger

They arrived at a five-star hotel. Janet followed Ike into a private room and found that the people he went to meet weren't clients but just a bunch of his friends. There was a big round table filled with all kinds of sushi and sashimi, and in the middle, there was a carved flagon. At the table sat a group of men dressed in strangely styled clothes. Each of them held a glass of wine in one hand and a woman in the other. The women all wore heavy makeup and skimpy dresses. Their faces were all red from drinking. When they saw Ike, they raised their eyebrows and one of them shouted at him, "Oh, finally! Get over here, I! We've all been waiting for you!" Keeping her face neutral, Janet sat among I's friends and their lady companions.It was obvious that the women were working girls. The women looked at Janet with a smile as if welcoming one of their own to the party. They even raised their eyebrows and winked at Janet. The men fondled the women, and the women giggled The low moans and the stifled squeals gave the room an atmosphere of drunken lust. The entire time, Janet felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.She itched to run far, far away. "Why are you so nervous?" Ike's cheeks were red He stared at her lewdly and put his hand on her thigh. Frightened, Janet stood up and dumped wine on I's face, "You are such a lecher! Don’t touch me!" The people around them didn’t seem to be surprised though. In fact, they even started laughing. “Ike, the girl you brought seems to be hot-tempered. You better teach her a lesson tonight so that she'll behave herself.” After that, some of I's friends stood up and led their lady friends to their respective rooms for the latter part of the party. Obviously, I already had too much to drink, but he didn't get angry at Janet’s behavior. He just chuckled and said, “What’s wrong with me touching you? You're not worth much more than those women who have sex with men for money, unless. you're still a virgin though.Are you? Hey, if you let me pop your cherry, I’m willing to pay you much, much more.What do you say? Sounds good?" Ike’s words and movements became more and more indecent At the same time, Janet just wanted to take off her shoes and beat Ike up.She knew that if she stayed here, she'd be in great danger. “Excuse me, Mr.Lyman.I seem to have consumed too much water.I need to go to the ladies’ room.I'll be right back." Gritting her teeth, Janet forced a smile. “Okay.Don't take too long. You still have to serve me." I reached out his hand and touched the side of Janet's face. Then, he stuck his face to her neck and sniffed. A small, satisfied sound escaped his throat. "You smell so good." Janet pushed him away, grabbed her purse, and ran out of the room.She rushed to the elevators and pushed the down button. It didn’t matter to her anymore if she lost her job Her life was more important. She didn't have much experience and thought things too simply.She didn't expect that I, who seemed to be a decent person, would be such a lascivious man.She shouldn't have gone with him tonight. Finally, the elevator doors whirred open. When Janet was about to step in, somebody suddenly grabbed her from behind. "Let's go to the bathroom together, and then let's have sex right inside the bathroom stall. How'd you like that?" I reeked of alcohol He leaned his head on Janet’s shoulder and rubbed up against her. "You bastard! Get away from me!" Even though already nauseated, Janet desperately struggled to break free from Ike. But she was too thin and weak to overpower such a strong, albeit intoxicated, man.I locked Janet in a tight embrace. "Don’t be so stubborn.Many women in the company have slept with me.And the day after, they went right back to work.Some of them even got promoted and got a raise. They had it easy.All they did was go to bed with me." As he spoke, he dragged her into an empty room nearby.