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The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband Is A Billionaire

Chapter 36: Go Out For Dinner

Ever since I was forced to clarify his relationship with Janet in public, he had stopped calling her into his office every now and then, or hitting on her II before. Janet felt that he had probably given up and was gradually relieved about it. It was Saturday tomorrow, and she was looking forward to it. She had planned to buy some fruits and visit Hannah after work Hannah's condition had stabilized ever since she was transferred to another hospital. As soon as Janet turned off her computer, I called her from behind “Lind, don’t rush off work.Pack your things and come with me.We'll go out for dinner later, and it will be considered overtime.The company will offer you extra payment for it." Janet bit her lip; she had an inkling about the dinner. "Mr.Lyman, what kind of dinner is it? Is anyone else joining us?” I calmly looked around and said, "Everyone has left.Only you’re here.I can’t ask anyone else to join us, can I? I just received the news that there is a chance to win this client over and design customized products for their brand this year.Let’s see if we can make it happen tonight." Janet looked around.Her colleagues had indeed left work. Janet had sketched an extra design draft. That was why she had stayed in the company longer. But she was confused as to why I was asking her to attend the dinner. After all, she was a new employee in the company. ‘Doesn't he have an assistant? I'm not experienced enough to discuss business, nor can I drink,’ she thought. "Mr.Lyman, why don’t you ask someone else to join you? I have important work to do tonight." Janet picked up her bag, ready to leave. I quickly grabbed her wrist and looked into her eyes. "Don’t be nervous.I just want to help you. You are just getting started with your career, and you have practically no resources.Now, you have the chance to become friends with big shots in the fashion world.Don't toss it away for some silly reason." Janet wriggled her hand away from I's grip. "Mr.Lyman, we are in the company now.If you keep behaving like this, people will end up misunderstanding us.Don't forget that you have already clarified our relationship once. You don’t want to do it again, do you?" “Lind, don’t be so stubborn.We are all here to work.It’s just a dinner. Why are you making a big deal out of it? This is a workplace, not a school. You ought to follow the rules and regulations here," I said sternly, his eyes gleaming with sarcasm. “It is not that I don’t want to go with you.I really have an important work to do." Janet didn’t want to argue with him. "Don’t be so reckless!" I snapped. He raised his hand, trying to pull her away. Just then, someone grasped her wrist "Mr.Lyman, this is the 21st century.Don't you know that you can’t force your subordinate into doing something she doesn’t want to?" Christopher's jaw tightened Although he looked calm, the anger was evident in his eyes. Noticing that it was Christopher, I calmed down and straightened his suit. He didn't dare to be too arrogant in front of Christopher, but he wasn’t afraid of him either. "This is none of your business.Stay out of it.” He turned and glared at Janet. “Don’t be so reckless! If you let me down, I'll make sure you don’t work with the Larson Group anymore." Janet's face darkened at his threat. Now that Christopher was here, I couldn’t do anything to her. However, she couldn’t afford to lose the job and didn't want Christopher to offend I because of her and end up losing his job. "Chris, don’t worry about me.It will be fine." Janet smiled at him. Then, she turned to look at me as her icy gaze met his. "Mr.Lyman, I'll go with you.”